Appreciating Wolski.

So much of the Avs talk we've seen this season has centered on the controversial goalies and the injuries of the S-trifecta (copy write pending) that many of the positional skaters on the Avs are getting overlooked. Sure people have been quick to point out how certain high-focus players are playing. McCloud, McCormmick, and Hensik have all gotten proper discussion, and other players have been under the microscope for the possibility of being traded (Liles), their resurgence (Svats Machine), Constant injuries (Leoprone), Free Agent contract (Hannan), or going up and down more than Paris Hilton (Richardson).

The regular Avs from last season have been a little ignored, and it would be irresponsible to ignore one of the players keeping the Avs afloat while the S-trifecta heals. The Wonderful Wojtek Wolski has been the Avs most consistent and best player over the course of the last two months.

First he has anchored the only line that has been scoring for the Avs (Svats Machine, Arny, Wolski). And he's developed a forecheck that is better than any other forward on the Avs. Seriously look at that line he's on, he's the only one of those players willing to go into the corner and dig out the puck and put it in the slot. He is the best all-around player on what has been the Avs best line (Svats-Arnason-Wolski). He has been unselfish, playing the point on the power-play (as well as anyone else has played it) and is starting to get more PK opportunities.

Wolski trails only the S-trifecta, Brunette, and Hejduk in Points per game this season, yet hasn't had the power play time that any of those 6 have had (that's assuming our power play actually scores).

So three cheers for Wolski, who is quietly having a great sophomore season.

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  1. great job. I'm a big fan of Wolski and I completely agree that his performance has been overshadowed by the rest of the drama the team has seen this year.

    I wish he'd start putting up a few more points, but with the way his been improving on all the other aspects of the game, you have to think the points will start happening for him before long.