Winter gets a bad rap

Winter is always seen as this dismal boring bad time of year (except to us hockey fans). But in the last two days I have gotten to watch the Avs play on TV, went Ice skating in an outdoor rink, and watch the most exciting game on New Years Day, the winter classic. Winter, and Life, is good.


  1. I think you mean 'bad rap', but I hear ya. I've always loved this time of year.

    I loved the Winter Classic. Pretty good game, just wish my goalie (Miller) could have gotten the W and the punk Crosby wouldn't have been deified all game.

  2. Call it a New Years Hangover.

    And while the game was sloppy, and the starting and stopping all the time got very annoying, the spectacle of the game was really good. It was a fun game to watch despite all the stoppages.

  3. Hi jibblescribbits -

    The game was a good one. I dismissed the stoppages as a part of the business - it didn't bother me in the slightest.

    However, the game bothered Glenn Healy of TSN in a major way. All he did during the Lightning vs. Leafs broadcast was to piss and moan about how bad that game was.

    He might need a good shrink...

  4. Well he can shove it for all I'm concerned :P

    The NFL has games outdoors that are classics because of weather. They take us back to the days when we were young playing football in the mud and snow and rain. It doesn't matter that a QB goes 5-for-25 with 100 yards in the snow, but if the team wins 3-0 it's a great game. It brings nostalgia back to the fans and players.

    That's what yesterday was about, it was like watching professional kids playing and I think it took anyone who played youth hockey back to their backyard rinks. Hell It took me back to playing one vs one with my roommate in college on rollerblades in the spring.

    If anyone can't see that invoking nostalgia is a good thing, they are severely missing the picture of what sports are about.

  5. Bro - Your post inspired me (jibblesis). Going Ice skating this weekend (no $ for snowboarding). YAY!