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Avs finally win one, and in a more reassuring fashion.

If this report is to be believed from The Fourth Period. Both Tampa's Dan Boyle and Anaheim's Francois Beauchamin are on the market to be traded, and on the front page, former Av Rob Blake will be delt as well. A team like the Avs who are in desperate need of some help on the blueline for the powerplay, they might want to make a play for one of these guys. With Liles apparently on the block here's some trades for these teams that might work

Not really sure why the Ducks would be interested in trading away Beauchemin. He's relatively young (27) he doesn't make all that much ($1.65M), and he's not a FA until the summer of '09. Really don't understand why they would trade this guy away, but if they were going to it'd be for a cheap forward, or a rent a player. To be honest the only valuable to a team with cap probs next season and a chance to repeat is temp help and draft picks. How about Liles and a 2nd rounder for Beach?

The Lightning, on the other hand, will probably want young players/picks. They could really use a forward or young scorer. Boyle is exactly the kind of D-man the Avs need right now. He's an UFA next season, and the Lighting need second scoring line talent BADLY. Being a rent-a-player makes him cheaper than most. The hopes are the Avs would convince him to stay with a new contract, if he plays well. I think Hensik is untouchable, but the Avs could trade away Stewart, who may be ready for the big club next season. My prognosis: Boyle for Stewart and a 2nd rounder.

Rob Blake, the best of the bunch, but getting up there in age. He kinda left the Avs on a sour note after some glorious years here. Would he be willing to return? Who knows? If he's interested, I say the Avs give up just a little more than they would for Boyle, Stewart and a 1st rounder

The 'Canes are interested in Liles, not really familiar with them, so I wouldn't know what to get for Liles there, sorry.

And finally here's a little scenario that I myself am throwing out. I've had multiple Rangers fans ask about the availability of Liles. The Rangers have need of a reliable Defenseman, and a backup goalie. The Avs need a starting goalie. How about Liles and Budaj for Montoya the Rangers Goalie prospect who won't see the light of day behind Lundqvist. Not sure if the Rangers would go for that, but frankly I think it's a good deal (especially since Q has this aversion to Buds.)

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  1. Hang on now, you can't trade Liles. All college guys have to be kept!