Honor among Goons

For all the young inspiring goons out there who read this blog, and I know there's a boatload of inspiring young goons who read this here blog, Scott Parker had this subtle overlooked yet incredibly classy move that all you young knuckle-draggers should note. Wath the end of this fight with Carolina's Tim Conboy.

After Conboy goes to the ice, Parker has all the opportunity to smash him with another Right hook, but pulls up and lets the linesmen break it up. Now compare this to Steve Downie who seems to take from the Russell Crowe school of "Fighting 'round the World" 'I fight cancer, but I couldn't find Cancer. I found a man with Cancer, so I fought him instead (classic South Park)'.

Thats some Honor among Goons right there


  1. the cameras didn't quite catch enough to make me 100% sure, but I believe the two we're giving each other a "nice job" nod once they were in the penalty box.

    an odd breed, those NHL fighters.

  2. Classy is correct. Parker knows the code, and he deserves praise for living by it. That is the sign of a true professional.

  3. 1) Most of the 'fighters'(not enough anymore!) usually abide by that code. Its the Tuckers/Avery's, etc of the league that are usually the hair pullers/dirty tricks guys

  4. YEah, everything I have heard about Scott Parker is that he's a pretty nice and classy guy. He's very professional about fighting, it's his job and it's what he does.

    And Conboy's an up and coming youngster who was trying to prove something by going after the tough guy, Parker understood that and dropped the gloves, letting the kid show what he could do.

    And that's why I have no problems with the fighters in the league