An excellent analogy for the NW this season.

Obviously the small kid that picks the fight is the Edmonton representative and the kid in Green is a Flames fan, but is too embarrassed to wear his Phaenuf sweater. I think this pretty much sums up how the NW is going to play out this season.

(Thanks to Greg Wyshanski, via Deadspin)


  1. Priceless. At the end, when the 'Flames' rep kicks the Minny goalie while he's down. Words can't describe...

  2. I was smiling when the kid in the Avs sweater starts hitting the Canucks kid in the head as he's down.

    And you know the kid in the Wild jersey went to Boogards fighting school, cause he threw some nasty haymakers.

  3. Hahaha, that's so true it's not even funny. Why wasn't *I* allowed to do that as a kid? I remember getting into lots of trouble when a similar thing happened in my world. Not 2 seconds had gone by when my mom had my by the back of my shirt.

    That kid representing my team really was pretty awesome. We could use more ass kicking players on the team. Maybe he can take Boogaard's job while he's off having back problems.