Now I'm gettin Angry

Listen losing streaks happen, but this is starting to get fairly ridiculous. If It's not Theo letting in pillow-soft goals against San Jose, it's the Avs forwards completely getting outworked along the boards and blowing a 3-1 lead in a game they had really been playing great in. And if it's not that it's Skrastin's leaving his man to chase the puck in a penalty kill and Brett Clark getting completely schooled in front of his own net. Sure Budaj wasn't particularly strong tonight, but I can pick about a 1/2 dozen Avs who had a weaker game than ol Ned Flanders tonight.

This was easily the most frustrating game of the season. They were dominating the Jackets, flat out dominating them, and they let them back in the game. 3-1 to 4-5. And the team defense was awful tonight. Arnason deserves to be benched. He hasn't been bringing any offense lately and his defense is so awful that he let Nash spark the comeback by walking right through Arny, and putting a wrap-around past Budaj. Hannan got another - on that one, but Arnason should be a sport and offer to pick up all 5 -'s on that play.

This is getting just pitiful. I know people are calling for the coaches head, but this consistent of a bad effort has to be on the player's heads. In another goal (the one where Brett Clark decided to go sledding and Zheredev decided to let him go by, and then put a pretty sweet shot then point and laugh at Brett Clark, who was still slip-sliding away) Svatos made a pretty sweet defensive play to take the puck away from TJ Hensik (I think) and right to whoever the hell passed to Zhederev (score sheet says it was Glencross)

The worst part is the Avs were playing so much better tonight. Besides letting in the first goal of the game (seriously their first 10 minutes of every game have been awful lately. There's a real lack of focus there) they were firing on all cylinders. They were even shooting and going for rebounds tonight. Finger scored with traffic in front of the net (okay should have been goalie interference on Smyth, but it wasn't called). Wolski scored on a rebound, so did Stastny and Hannan. Yes the Avs had 4 goals and none came from plays behind the net.

I could rant on this all day, pitiful.


  1. I haven't seen the Smyth play yet but everyone seems pretty upset about it. In Hitch's press conference he's like it wasn't a just wasn't. and I heard he gave the ref a piece of his mind too. I only got to watch the last 45 seconds of the second and the third so what I saw was complete Jacket domination. It seemed the Avs thought history was on their side, so they just let it go. Whatever the case, it was a win that the Jackets desperately needed. You're still my favorite though Jibbles.

  2. I have nothing posative to say about this game.