Full Circle

Tonight the Avs can complete their recent transformation by beating the team that really started it in Columbus. The last two wins were great, but As I said right afterwards since that game the Avs have 5 games to really prove themselves for the season. They have looked good in the 2 since then, but tonight is their first road test since they blew that game last week.

A win tonight will also put the Avs in first place (At the very least until Vancouver plays in Anaheim tonight). even a brief appearance at the top of the NW would be a good sign for the Avs and it means that even with the horrid slide they recently had the demise of the Avalanche has been greatly exaggerated.

So go Avs


  1. I don't know what to say...sorry

  2. REALLY looking forward to next Friday and our Blueshirt Invasion of the Western Conference. Probably get our asses handed to us, but we surprised ourselves last season.

    Pleased for subsequent seasons every team will meet.


  3. Yes I am looking forward to the meeting next Friday. The Avs have done well against the East this season (2-0 so far)

  4. Ok so I'm not its about time we started beating you!!!!!!!!!!