An Open Letter

Dear Coach Quenneville,

You've taken a lot of heat lately, and I have backed you. Even though some of your decisions have been bizarre, insane, or borderline indefensible, I have continued to have faith that you have a plan for the season and the long term goals are superseding the short term goals. You have done a great job developing young players (Stastny, Wolski, Finger, Richardson, Sauer, Guite etc) and several more young players look to be good as well (The Svats machine, Cumisky, Budaj).

I have never asked you for anything. All I want is a strong coaching effort, and an improving winning team. But now, in the holiday season no less, I am asking you for something. One small favor, think of it as an early Christmas gift. See it is Jose Theodore's turn in the current goalie rotation Friday night. I am asking you to please play Budaj. You see, I only get to see two Avs games in person a year, and Friday night, @ SJ, is one of them. I don't want to see Theo, except wih his dreamy locks covered with a baseball hat on the bench.

I really just want to see them win, but I know you can't guarantee that. But playing Budaj gives your boys the best chance at winning, and leaves me the best chance at having a happy Christmas. You don't want to ruin my Christmas do you Q?



  1. This was delivered to MHH by mistake, I think it's for you...

    Dear Mr. Jibbles,

    Thank you for your heartfelt letter and support. I've taken your request under advisement, but unfortunately I won't be able to comply. That is, unless you can convince Jose Theodore to return certain photos of myself on vacation in Thailand. I met a charming group of young men who seemed genuinly interested in hockey. One thing led to another and I'm afraid we partook of in several cultural practices native to that part of the world that would be considered taboo in the Mile High City. Unfortunately, Jose has felt it within his rights to use this pictures to see more playing time than he deserves and it's his turn against the Sharks.

    Faithfully yours,

    Joey Q.

    PS - He's been picking out my ties for the games lately too. Feel free to send me new ones.

  2. damn it, well blackmail is more powerful than my letter, I guess I'll have to live with Seeing Theo on Friday...


    If you see a news report that Theo was "Nancy Kerrigan'd" in San Jose tomorrow, it was not me. I REPEAT I DIDNT DO IT