So I'm not going to worry too much about last night's 1-6 loss to Dallas. Everyone was pretty much brutal last night, and there will be games like that. Fortunately it was the one game in 11 that isn't against a Northwestern foe, so it was the right game to tank. The only thing I don't want to see is Theo lose his spot in the goalie rotation (No you didn't read that wrong). Q needs to stay consistent with his goalies, and that means keeping the rotation even when a goalie has an off game. It will go a lot towards taking some of the pressure off both Budaj and Theo if Theo gets the nod against Calgary on Tuesday.

What I really wanted to talk about today was the Stars announcers, who were absolutely magnificent with their word play last night. Honestly I thought they were sitting with a dictionary in front of them looking for ways to work big words into the broadcast all evening. Unfortunately they didn't use the words correctly, but here's a list of big words (including one that isn't a word) that was used last night, and honestly I'm sure I missed some because I FFD'd through the game after the second period and I didn't start writing them down until I was thoroughly amused.
  • regurgitated- As in "Mike Smith regurgitated Joe Sakic on that shot... Think he meant "stoned, robbed, stopped, denied. Any of those would have done
  • Ironic- hard to get too mad because most people use this word incorrectly, however the correct word would have been coincidentally.
  • Succulent- A succulent rebound for Ryan Smyth
  • tourniquet- Budaj in to put a tourniquet on this thing, after Theo was pulled. (Coincidentally this was the one i thought was used most appropriately) And my personal favorite:
  • Disputation- Finger and Ott involved in a little disputation in front of the net.
Disputation is apparently a word down in Texas... who knew?


  1. Regurgitated was definitely the best. I rewound just to make sure I heard that correctly.

    And agreed on giving the team a mulligan on this one. If they do it again, it's cattle prod time!

  2. I'm pretty sure that I cried tears of blood at points during that game. My favorite comments was the description of one of Theo's goals as "pillow-soft". That's radio gold right there.

  3. Disputation was when I had to start keep keeping track. If the game wasn't so brutal to watch I might have gone back through and picked out the one's I'm sure I missed

  4. I caught a bit of the game...not what I expected from your boys...(as you caught a couple of early Rangers games this season), but alas...I, too, am frusterated with these frekkin announcers - one of the perks of the Center Ice Package.

    You missed 'plethora' which was used in the context between periods, used in some way as "a plethora of players to choose from..." - funny that you actually chose to post about a moment that made me chuckle at the time.

    Well done Jibble.


  5. Ahh TDR, I did miss plethora, which would have inspired me a boatload of "Plethora, do you even know what a plethora IS?" Three Amigos jokes.

    I don't watch in-between periods when i Tivo the game, so I did miss stuff inbetween.

    And yes the Avs are awful on the road, a plethora of mistakes by them against both Dallas and Minnesota