Monday Morning Wrap

Lots to go over here on Jibblescribbits, and the NHL.

♦ First and Foremost, today is Veteran's Day (observed, yesterday was the actual holiday). No matter how you feel politically about any of the wars the US has fought, we should all observe the amount of sacrifice, dedication and perseverance being a soldier takes. It's a truly remarkable duty, one they all take seriously and the most important job(s) in the country. We should all be appreciative.

♦ In much less serious, and less important, news today is also Hall-of-fame day. I'm a bit curious as to why it's held the same weekend as Veteran's Day, it seems like it takes focus away from the importance of it, but nonetheless it is. ESPN has profiles on all four player inductees: Ron Francis, Scott Stevens, Mark Messier, and Al MacInnes. Criminally they don't have a profile for Jim Gregory, who will also be enshrined for a multitude of things , probably most important among them was being Director of Central Scouting for the league during a period which was crucial to the NHL, as Europeans started to come to the league.

♦Even less important and serious The Avs beat the then-first-place, but now-second- place Wild. Despite the 4-2 score the game was never really in doubt and Flanders looked great again and won't give his starting job away to Theo without a fight. Oh Scott Hannan had by far his best game of the season and Stastny and Wolski continued to be the sophmore Dynamic Duo, combining for 3 of the 4 Avs goals. Recaps can be found in the usual places:

♦The only thing bad about last nights game...Lappy goes down, 2-4 weeks with a knee sprain. Hey just in time for 2 more games with Calgary, I bet Dion Phaenuf is just licking his chops. Now he can cowardly go after Cumisky, Liles, Arnason and The Svats Machine with less fear of retribution.

♦Last, but certainly not least, the Avs have opened up a small, but important, 3 point lead on the struggling Wild for the NW division lead. Yes the Avs are back in first place and the rest of the division is back where they belong, looking at our backsides. The Avs have a game in Dallas before they head to the State of (Boring) Hockey to try and increase that lead. While the Wild aren't the same team without Gaborik and Demetra, it's important to pound on them while they are down and get these points now. Luckily the Avs can take advantage of that absence here.

Whose being called up from the AHL to fill Lappy's roster spot? We'll look at that later either today or tomorrow.


  1. Jibble...have to hand it to you --the Avs look awesome this season, as I have been paying more attention to the Western Conference this season. I understand a little better discipline of Western C hockey...better hockey. The Eastern teams, with the exception of Ottawa look equally scrappy, though effective. My Blueshirts are slowly getting their act together..


  2. I have been paying a little attention to the Blueshirts this last week, and they look like they are getting their act together.

    The Avs have looked awesome against everyone except Vancouver lately. I think it's a good time to be an Avs fan