Contracts Questions for my readers

So today Richardson was sent down to Lake Erie, and TJ Hensik was called up to play for the Avs (Guess who will be at his first game :) )

What I want to know is why isn't Wyatt Smith being sent down instead. I have a feeling it has more to do with contract status than anything. I don't know anything about the differences between a one-way contract or who can be sent down on what types of contracts. I would imagine it's more difficutl to send a guy like Smith down than it is Richardson. Richardson, of course, just had a rehab stint with Lake Erie so maybe this send down is more indicitive of logistics and contracts than anything else. Anyone out there know how sending a player down works (Maybe Jori?)


  1. Smith has to clear waivers, Richardson doesn't. Still, I'd risk having somebody claim Smith if the Avs sent him down. Other then having naked pictures of Quenneville, I don't know why Smith is consistently in the lineup (minus last night).

  2. wait a minute here.

    I have naked pictures of Quenneville too. I need to get to Denver pronto - I've got a game to play!

    Seriously, the NHL roster rules are about 10x more confusing than they need to be.

  3. Ok good. I kind of figured that was it, but I wasn't 100% sure. Not sure what the hell Smith is doing in the lineup either, but the coaching staff places some value on him

  4. Wait, Theo (see last post) Smith ANDDD have naked pics of Coach Q!?!

    Man i wish that guy would keep his clothes on

  5. Jeff Shantz, Mark Rycroft, Chris McAllister, Bret McClean, Jim Cummins and Bob Bougner all have nude photos of Pierre Lacroix I heard. Oh, so does Jacque Fricken Cloutier.