Choosing "HockeyCity USA"

Apparently Detroit has been stripped of it's title of "Hockeytown USA". I don't know who would go about making this decision, but it seems to me it would have to be more than one person. Not only that, but I would think it would have to come from people all over the country in a nice well-educated thought out process.

Nope, I was wrong Ross McKeon gets to make the decision. Not only does he get to strip Detroit, but he gets to award it to someone else as well. So I want to know, what's his criteria for selecting his new Hockeytown.. apparently it's himself and his whims.

Wow- Minnesota is the most hockey mad state, next thing you'll know he'll be making outlandish claims such as Nashville is "MusicCity, USA", and Wisconson is Cheeseland. Who appointed him?

Ahh Columbus, you apparently don't get hockey, because your too busy with Ohio State and NASCAR. Nevermind that until this season the Blue Jackets never put a team on the ice worth watching, and that Columbus has done, by all accounts, a fantastic choice of hosting the NHL draft, and their fans were rowdy enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

You know what makes good hockey fans? WINNING. You know what makes poor hockey fans? LOSING. That's why everyone hates Maple Leafs fans... I kid I kid. But in all seriousness smart fans don't show up when the team is losing. Most teams pay attention to bottom lines, and if the building's full they feel they are doing something right, whether they are winning or not. But if the fans send the message they will not show up unless the team wins, then the owners will get the point.



  1. Controversial post, Jibble - and I have to disagree with you on what makes a 'hockey town.'

    When the fans pay the most money, will their season tickets to next of kin, chant stupid 'Go Leafs Go...' at bars in the off-season, when they haven't won a Cup in decades -- you COULD call that a true Hockey Town.

    Now I didn't mind the dig, because who the hell could celebrate the Leafs, but you have to appreciate the devotion, commitment as a city, and unwavering loyalty to a team that sucks ass!


    (I second your notion of taking it away from Detroit)

  2. hmm, guess i wasn't clear.

    I was more trying to say that the attendance isn't a clear indicator of a good fan base. Yes the leafs have a good fan base, but hockey is religion up there, as the guy in the article says.

    I wasn't in favor of stripping Hockeytown away from Detroit, it's incredibly pretentious and condescending, besides Who would ever want something that belonged to Detroit at any point in time? Wouldn't that be like dating a Kid Rock ex-girlfriend?

    Anyways the rage was more at the guy for writing an article by numbers and calling out cities as bad hockey cities, when he clearly doesn't know what he's yapping about.

  3. 1) After reading that guys article we disagree with a few of his assessments, but overall it was an interesting take.
    2) We did a post last spring ( about attendance. based upon what we wrote then we'd have to say that Philadelphia is the best U.S hockey market.
    3) Not only did they have near perfect attendance (despite winning only 8 home games) but they have their AHL-affiliate across the parking lot that also draws quite well.

  4. I think I have a new hatred for Ross. He must not have been able to attend the Draft...maybe HE was watching Nascar? What an I'm angry.

  5. Given that "Hockeytown" was a marketing slogan that Detroit bestowed upon itself in the first place, I'm not sure exactly why it needs to be reassigned...

    But if anybody wants some old CBJ marketing slogans, we can let them go cheap.

    "Ignite the Night" anyone? "All Out All Season"? "Come see our dancing fat guy; he'll distract your attention from Jan Hrdina taking yet another hooking penalty."

    Seriously, though, you'd think a (former?) beat writer for a California team wouldn't engage in such lazy stereotyping of NHL cities.