Avs in freefall

Karlis Skrastins has got to go. He was awful tonight and him (combined with an untimely Charmin -soft goal given up by Theo) did the Avs in tonight. This wasn't a bad effort, this was a really solid effort and game by the Avs thrown down the toilet by two guys who shouldn't be on the ice. It's clear that Skratch needed an AHL assignment to get his legs back (if it's even possible anymore). Sayiong he was a step slow would be kind. He was molasseses tonight.

Take the final non-empty net goal for example. Not only did he pointlessley try and keep the puck in the zone on the Avs blueline, but then he failed to get back and cover David Moss in front of the net. There was a play in the first period where Skratch had the guy behind the net by 3 steps lost the race and the puck which turned into a scoring chance.

Let's see he was too slow to stop anyone
Can't shoot
and can't hit. Why the hell was he on the ice. I know Liles hasn't played well the last couple games, but overall this season he has been solid. I have no problem scratching Liles, but to replace him with a slower, less mobile, less offensive version of Liles is kind of a waste right? Skratch has got to be scratched.

Let's not let Theo off the hook. Owen Nolans goal was the worst possible thing Theo could do. The Avs had played their best road hockey of the season, finally get some momentum and breathrough with a very nice goal by the Svats Machine, and Theo ruins it with a really really bad goal. That was a deflater, the Avs weren't the same for the rest of the night.

Great effort by everyone tonight, but those two, in my opinion. I thought everyone played well. Sakic seemed to have that jump back, Stastny and Svats were good. Finger was laying hits, and McCormick was mixing it up.

More... I have never seen a team throw so many pucks in front of the net and have them ricochet off defensemen/opponents in any game. The Avs need to find something to add to their arsenal. The whole "try to center it from behind the net" just isn't working anymore. The opposing team has learned that if you put 4 guys within 5 feet of the net, every single time, the Avs have 0 chance of scoring. They will try and center and the puck will get hit by a stick or skate or something. Time to start spreading the D out a little, don't let them completely collapse in front of the goal.

I guess it was karma, as the Avs won 2 earlier this season against the Flames they had no business winning. It's nice of Scratch and Theo to repay them

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  1. I agree. However, let's not let Clark off the hook for the last non-empty net goal either. If you get a chance to see the replay (like I did this morning), he's basically practicing his triple lutz for the '08 Winter Olympics as the puck-carrier closes in on the net.

    However, I think he should get more time on the PP. He was actually hammering the puck from the point last night. That's something that Liles, Sakic, and Hannan have yet to do.