Weekend: Avs find the best way to get over the Blues... BJ's

It's early, and the sample size is small, but the Avs are starting to develop a pattern this season. They crush teams at home (3-0 15GF, 6GA) at home and when wearing the whites forget what they are doing (0-2 1GF 8GA).

Again I'll remind everyone that the sample size is small, and let's see how this plays out over the next month, but it's worth looking at. One thing that's worth noting is the difference between the Blues game and the Columbus game Friday and Saturday night.

I thought the biggest difference in their play between Friday and Saturday was in the net. Our favorite netminder (and by favorite I mean guy who I respect because he hasn't become a cancer, but still can't play goalie) Theo was typical Theo. Solid at times with lapses that cause him to scramble and try and make spectacular saves when he should have an easy one. Budaj, on the other hand, was spectacular on Sat night. He robbed Nash a couple times and made some nice plays. He got unlucky on the ol' puck off his D's ass, but got lucky when Nash pushed a puck wide on a spectacular move so the 1 goal against was probably about right.

And that's the difference between the two goalies right now. Budaj doesn't make the spectacular saves, because he doesn't have to. Theo is trying to make the spectacular save to recover from his own mistakes.

Other notes: I got the Blues announcer's on Friday night, and I have to say, I miss John Kelley doing Avs games. Maybe it's a little bit of nostalgia, but his voice screams Avs hockey to me. He's one of the best regional play-by-play announcers there is, getting excited at the right times, and for both teams. Obviously his focus is on the Blues now. His partner in crime, Bernie Federko, umm doesn't compliment him well, to be nice. There were a couple times where he was trying to make a point, and a good one at that, but he did not take the quickest path from point A to B (like I should criticize anyone for this). As a color guy your job is to make short, concise points about the game, and stay out of the play-by-play guys way especially in hockey where the action is continous. He would start making a good point, get ahead of himself and then lose all cohesiveness. A couple times I turned to Jibblewife and ask "what the hell is he talking about?". The answer was always "I have no idea".

The Avs are now 1-2 against the Central, maybe it's time I layoff the AHL central jokes huh?

Rick Nash is one fine player, and was all over the ice Saturday night. He looks to be back from his dismal season last season.

Quietly behind Sakic and Stastny's hat tricks, Milan Hejduk is having a great start to the season. He has 4 goals, 2 assists and was the Avs best player in both their losses.

You know Skratch was benched for 2 games, but honestly the Avs worst defenseman has been Kurt Sauer, IMO. He has looked lost a couple times, and why the hell was he leading a rush this weekend. Kurt Sauer should never be leading an Avs rush


  1. Speaking of TV commentators...Am I the only one who absolutely cannot stand Peter McNabb? That guy says the most inane things I have ever heard. Plus, he finds it impossible to criticize the Avs play. To hear McNabb tell it, it is usually a "hot goalie" that leads to any Avs defeat. On many occaisions, I hit the mute button so I don't have to hear him say the same damn things over and over and over...

    I realize that McNabb and Mike Haynes are on Kroenke's dime and that likely dictates what they can say, but give me a break. We aren't idiots - I can see when the Avs are sucking up the ice, why can't McNabb admit the obvious?

  2. well bb.. It's been hinted and insinuated by both Terry Frei and Adrian Dater that they he gets that direction from the owner.

    I mean the Avs, until this season, wouldn't play the opponents goals on the big screen, so it seemed like the company wide mandate was "be a homer"

    McNabb, to me, was much better on national broadcasts. He worked some International tourney and he was better. Of course he's still a homer, but he's not as bad as he is on Avs broadcasts.

  3. 100 points for that terrific headline!

  4. 100 points for that terrific headline!

    I knew you'd like it

  5. My wife was all proud of her suggestion for Friday's game - "The Avs didn't end their night on a Hi-Note" - which she stole from John Kelly anyway.

    after showing her what sort of competition she has, she knows she's going to have to step up her game!

  6. It's tough to beat a good oral sex joke

  7. I loved John Kelly, thought he was absolutely terrific with the Avs. Could possibly be biased because I always thought his father, Dan Kelley, was the best I ever heard. But John was terrific. One thing I'll never get is why someone would willingly leave Denver for a place like St. Louis (Kelly) or Indy (Bob Kravitz). Not to knock those places (OK, just a little) but really - leaving Denver? Must have been family reasons.

    Speaking of announcers, does anyone miss Doug McLeod? ;-)

  8. Speaking of the Blues, I miss John Davidson as our Ranger announcer at MSG....only Davidson could make light of last night's dismal and pitiful loss to Atlanta. They killed us - Hossa was on fire. This Ranger team of mine is not connecting....

    Perhaps the Avs need another fan? Just Kidding...Blueshirts to the death!


  9. We'll always take transplanted Rangers fans, even on a temp basis