Season Opener Thoughts

What a win last night for the Avs... even if it made me think of last years season opener when they let Dallas come back and win after having a commanding lead. It was gut-wrenching towards the end, but an early season win is a win, and they desperately need to get off to a good start this season, since they are traditionally slow starters. Thoughts on the game:

ANH-DET went to OT so I missed the first 10 minutes of the game (like anyone else outside MDT), luckily all the action happened after that. I did watch a little bit of ANH-DET, and god it still pains me to watch Bertuzzi score. I know I say I forgave him, but it doesn't mean I have to like him.

I actually skipped through the shootout last night, weren't these supposed to be exciting. When one team gets a point and the other gets 2, it loses it's excitement. Maybe it's time for the winning team to get three.

You know how I complained that the unis lacked contrast and that from a distance they would blend and all look like the same color... man I had that pegged huh? I didn't realize how much they would really look like apron's until a few shots up close though. Thanks to the "Bettemen Piping" (phrase coined by Uniwatch)

Son of Stastny looked like the Son of Sakic last night, with that wrist shot for his first goal. What sophomore slump? he looked phenomenal, and was also one of the Avs best forwards in his own end last night too. I think every Avs fan has a giant man-crush on him today.

Hlinka-Brunette-Stastny was easily the best line on the ice last night. Bruno and SoS connected really well, and Hlinka made so many really nice passes I lost count completely. Hlinka looked like he's still adjusting to the physical nature of the NA game a little bit, but he looked right at home passing the puck. His feed on Stastny's hat trick goal was brilliant.

I am a lot more confident in Budaj, granted it's one game but he outplayed Turco last night and got the win because of it. One bad goal (the 2nd one) but the other two were unlucky, and he made some really fine saves. Put togehter a stretch of 10 games like that and I won't ever mention Bryzgolav again.

The PK looks absolutely awful. It has vaulted to my #1 concern for the season. the first goal wasn't technically on the PK, but in all reality it was. Yes the 1st and 3rd goals were unlucky breaks, but those unlucky breaks don't happen if you're breaking up passes and clearing pucks properly. The Avs looked disorginized, and Halpburn had a full 3 whacks at the puck right at the side of the net before an Av touched him. By then it had jumped over Budaj's pad. They didn't get it done at all on the PK, which looks like their Achilles heal.

Hannan and Leopold looked pretty good too. Again I wasn't enamored with Clark or Sauer last night. Liles and Skrastins looked stronger than expected too.


  1. I don't quite get the love affair with the shootout. It's just not all that exciting. I too skipped through it.

  2. The "average" hockey fan seems to love the shootout. I'm guessing b/c they don't understand the logistics of the standings and why it makes no sense. They just want to see their team win. Fair enough I suppose but it still stinks.

  3. The last minute of play was a friggin nail biter, something you'd see at the end of the season fighting for that last playoff spot. That was some game...

    Budaj was remarkable.


  4. TDR the last minute of play was a huge nail biter, unfortunately for the Avs, it shouldn't have been.. they let the Stars back in it.

    And for the shootout Yeah we get a "winner" and a non-loser, but kind of loser, sort of. I think that novelty has worn off.