Q's killing me...

So I have spent the last few days coming up with, and actually doing a little research, into some stuff for a post. The post was to be titled "Don't blame it all on the coach". Basically I think fans in general are too bloodthirsty for coaches, and really need to lay off. We'll get to that some other time.
I can't, in good conscience, tell anyone to lay off our coach after finding out that Jose Theodore will be starting tonight for us.

Listen I understand that Theo's needs to play some games this season. I get you don't want to overwork Budaj, and you need to keep Theo warm and in game shape because he could be called upon to lead the team if Bud's gets hurt or something (god forbid this happen). I really understand the need to play the backup every once in a while.

But here's the facts:
  • Calgary is a division rival
  • They are one of the Avs top competitors for the NW crown
  • The Avs finished 1 point behind them last season
  • The Avs are in the middle of a road trip, and they've struggled on the road
  • They also have a chance to win 2 in a row on the road and get some momentum.
  • Theo may have a lot of nice qualities. (see below) but being a good goalie is already checked off of his life to-do list
    • By all accounts he's a good guy.
    • He's got some very nice, well-kept hair.
    • He has a name that sounds like an international playboy. (Seriously those "most interesting man in the world commercials, the guys name could be José Théodore and it would make sense)
    • He has a Hart and Vezina Trophy
But There's no defense for starting Theo in this particular game. In their next 5 games they are playing 4 NW conference opponents. Smack in the middle of those 4 is an Eastern Conference opponent (Pitsburgh Pinkguins.) That would be the perfect time to start Theo. First it's not as harmful to lose that game, as it is one against say Calgary. Everyone knows the Eastern Conference writers, GM rarely watch the Western Conference games. So the best time to play Theo is against am Eastern Conference club (especially the one with Sid Crosby on the team). If he plays well they might actually sucker a bad Eastern Conference team into trading for him, even if it's a burger in Saskatoon, well it's still something right?

But the more likely scenario is Theo plays poorly, and the Avs lose. The media, and people in general think the Avs are a team that "is talented but their goalie situation" is bad (which it's not). Everyone sleeps on them and underestimates them, which is always the preferable position to be in anyways. Really there's no reason to start Theo tonight instead of next Thursday against the Pinkguins (unless Budaj is hurting or sore or something, but there's no evidence of that). The only real downside to that is you piss off a bunch of Rangers fans, like the Dark Ranger. But they are already pretty pissed at their own team, I doubt they'll notice who the Avs start in net until their own team starts winning some games.

Damnit Q, i want to defend you, but you're making it really difficult.

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