Preds kill the Avs

A couple quick thoughts on the game.

Nashville may have the worst TV crew in the country. Worse homers than the Avs, and just not very smart comments at all.

The Avs defensive positioning is weak, very weak. Really I don't think it's the D yet, i think it's the forwards. On their first 3 goals Nashville scored by cycling the puck on one side of the net, then throwing across the ice to a wide open guy on the other side who one-timed it into the net, with no one even close to him. Shouldn't a backside forward be trying to pickup that guy? Some really awful positioning as a team in their own end by the Avs. They'll need to get that worked out, and quickly.

Not all bad, even in a 4-0 shutout, as the Avs, finally, put together a cohesive penalty kill once or twice last night. Sure it was after they were down 3-4 goals, but when they started the season basically 0-4 you take what you can get.

Wolski and Svatos looked pretty good tonight, and have impressed me so far this season. Svatos may have finally had the fire lit under his ass.

Boods should have had the first one, even if Arnott was shooting all alone. Overall he was pretty average, but it's difficult to tell when the team was playing so poorly in front of him. I hate to see him pulled though because some idiots out there will use that ad an indictment of his ability, when it was a mercy pulling, and getting the rookie goalie some experience while he's on the roster.

I know it's the second game of the season, but why was Budaj playing the second leg of a home-away back-to-back games? Those would be games I'd use the backup in, even in the second game of the season.


  1. 1) The Preds announcers are one of the worst in the business. Sometimes the mute button is better than to have to listen to their drivel
    2) Not a great start to the season for Av fans, but the second of back to backs, and on the road(the home opener for Nashville) it should have been expected

  2. yeah, kind of surprised they played at home against Dallas, then travelled to Nashville to take on the Rreds. That's not like Islanders/Rangers back-to backs or Buffalo/Pittsburgh, there's a bit of distance between Nashville and Denver

  3. "there's a bit of distance between Nashville and Denver"

    And we fell right into Bettman's trap of giving the Preds a good home opener.


  4. Brutal game...I was going for the Avs...and I let my Pred lovin cousin know...and I got a lovely message from yea...