Power Ranking Clustef#&k #1

It used to be that someone did a nice cute little power ranking. It was a cute little idea that wasted 20 minutes in the day while you read through a one sentence summary of your team. Then every website found it and decided to do their own version, now that there are more power rankings than Boxing federations. So here we'll take all the Avs rankings and average them into:

THE ABSOLUTE FINAL WORD ON THE AVS COMPLETELY ARBIRTARY POWER RANKING (for this week). The numbers are: this week (last week) ± from last week

ESPN.com: 5 (8) +3
Foxsports.com: 10 (-)
cbssportsline: 4 (12) +8
SI.com: 7 (13) +5
CBC.ca: 3(6) +3
NBC sports: N/A
TSN.CA N/A (13)
Yahoo! Sports : N/A

Grand Total: 5.8 (10.4) + 4.6

Yes it's incredibly worthless, but there you go

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