Why the hell does EDM's arena look so much different than everyone else's on TV? It looks like it's being played in an Iced-over barn. That's a compliment mind you, I love the way it looks, and wish more teams could replicate it, but I'm just saying that I always can tell when a game's in EDM.

I have seen Tyler Arnason make a couple back-check's tonight. Maybe he's focusing on defense, at least a little.

Clark's fault on the 1st period EDM goal. He completely misplayed that one by recklessly going after the puck instead of standing up the man in the neutral zone, creating a 2 vs. 1 for EDM (I, the lone Clark slightly-adverse-er in the Avs blogging community, am nnot surprised)

Liles has been really really good tonight, And I love the Fonger-Liles combo. Much much better than Liles-skratch.

Considering the last 2 goals against are primarily his fault, why is Clark getting the second most Ice time per game. In fact I'm saying it right now, Clark is overrated by my fellow Avs bloggers, and is the 4th best D-man on the Avs, maybe even 5th (or 6th). Even the biggest Clark lover has to admit he has played inconsistent this season, at best.

Nice to see 3rd liners getting goals tonight. Hlinka, Arnason and Wolski (not a 3rd liner, but not one of the "names") Really Arnason looks much improved, except for face-offs where he's dreadful.

Congrats to Hlinka on his first NHL goal, which by his play is long overdue. He should have been in the NHL for years now, as no worse than a 3rd liner (probably deserves a second line position)

You know the Avs announcers have the reputation as the biggest homers in hockey, but I'm not quite sure that's true... I think they are the biggest apologists in hockey. They never say anything bad about anyone ever, Avs or otherwise. They could be describing Michael Vick and say he had that "persistent legal trouble which overshadowed his brilliant NFL career." They might even defend Alexei Yashin if his name came up as "a talent that could never find the right fit". Homer implies bias, McNabb and Hayes slob everyone's knob.

Tonight's music at the EDM arena... Against Me "Thrash Unreal", Hot Hot Heat "Bandages" , Smashing Pumpkins "Tarantula", and some other songs that may have been taken directly off of XM radio's "Ethel" station. Maybe Someone on the Avs should get XM. (best song for hockey arenas never used The Stills "Helicopter")

Saw a graphic that Clark has the second most D ice time, behind Hannan. Seriously? Say what you will about Clark, but this season Liles, Sauer, and Finger have all played better than Clark, and in my opinion so has Hannan, leaving Clark as the 5th best D-man (6th if you think Leo has played better, I think it's a push) on the Avs this season. So Q will pull Budaj for being hung out to dry, but still gives Clark 20+ minutes of ice time for at the very best inconsistent play.

I have gotten on Clark a bit, but have I mentioned that I have been completely unimpressed with Leo this season as well. The second EDM goal he got completely pushed off the puck by Penner, and the goal was really his fault when he should have been able to at least get a partial clear on the play. I have been really disappointed by him and Clark this game, and season so far to be honest.

(Just to prove my earlier point, for McNabb and Hayes the goal was all about the size and strength of Penner. While it does make Leo not liable for the goal, it was a complete fawning of Penner, and reaffirms my position that the Avs announcers unconditionally love everyone equally, and no one makes a bad play. They should really be Youth Soccer announcers, everyone would feel good about themselves.)

Wyatt Smith is completely invisible on the ice. Why did we sign him, and not a guy like, say, Yannic Perault who could shore up the Avs weakest skill (faceoffs).

If you were going to pick an MVP for the Avs so far this season, you'd probably pick Stastny. Wolski could be a sleeper. But if you've watched all the games, a really strong case could be made for Brunette. He has been really good for the Avs.

ALT shows a graphic of about 10 surprise 0 and 1 goal scorers for the season. about 5 are on my fantasy team, and it's no surprise I am in last, mainly because of Goals, Assists, PP points, PP Goals, and PP assists. That's what I get for taking Brenden Shannahan.

Something tonight I haven't seen as much this season as last, until tonight. The Avs blocking a lot of shots tonight. I am not sure if that's good or bad.

Interesting decision to put Arnason out there with 2:00 left in the game on a PP. I know it's a PP, and I have thought Arnason has been tremendously improved on defense this season. But with a team loaded with Offensive talent that can defend as well (Sakic, Smyth, Stastny, Hlinka, and even Brunette) why not make a PP line of Sakic, Stastny and Smyth, with Liles and Clark on the point. Then the second unit could be Bruno, Hlinka and Wolski, with Hannan & Leo on the point and that pretty much gives you the game right? why risk it with Arny?

So I forgot to mention this as I watch the game, but Budaj has been really good the last 2 games. I'll give Q the benefit of the doubt that the Theo start against Chi was ok because it was a non-division rival and he wants to start Budaj vs NW foes.


  1. You OK, Jibbles? That post had some serious vitrole (is that the right word) to it! There's nothing wrong with being a Clark-hater, in fact I will join you in hater-hood as Jordan "Symphony of Miscues" Schmeopold is my official whipping boy (just as I predicted during the season).

    FYI, Arny was 6-of-9 on FO's last night, so even that aspect of his game was elevated playing in Alberta.

    I was one of the few who said that the Avs should have thrown some money at Perreault. Who doesn't want a stable role-player who wins almost 65% of his faceoffs and pots double digit goals every season? The guy had to beg for work last year and the only team that sniffed him was Chicago. Far be it from me to not give credit to a historically poorly-run franchise. I gotta give props to managament in Chi-town for that pickup.

  2. I was bitter because while i was out during the game, and had it tivo'd, i caught a glimpse of the score, so i basically missed out on the only exciting period of hockey last night.

    Combine bitterness with a few beers, and voila! cynicism. IT wasn't meant to be, I was pretty excited they won. I think I was just irritable last night, and I'm starting to get tired of defensive miscues.

  3. yeah, Clark hasn't been very good...but Leopold has been 10x worse.

    unfortunately, Smith isn't invisible to me. Every time he's on the ice, I watch him, waiting to see...something . anything. I don't see him bringing at all. No energy, no defense, no offense, no hitting, no forechecking. Nothing. I don't get it.

    "Apologists" is a GREAT term for the Altidudes. That really sums them up perfectly. Way better than "homer". Homer is Drew Remenda or the guys who do the Bruins games.

    Rexall place always confuses me on TV because it's backwards from all the other rinks - the cameras are behind the benches instead of behind the boxes. Messes me up every time.

  4. You're absolutely right about Leo.. and he's on my fantasy team, so I know just how bad he's been.

    I fully expect Smith to get the healthy scratches when Richardson gets better, but knowing Q he'll scratch Guite instead. I still think we should have signed Perrault, if nothing else to improve our faceoffs.

  5. They played Hot Hot Heat?? We never play the good songs...