Boulerice gets non-impressive 25-game ban

Boulerice got a 25-game ban for hit vicious hit on Kessler of the Canucks in Philly's 8-2 glorious drubbing of Vancouver the other night.

Yes the 25-game ban is nice, but the NHL still doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason to their punishments. The NHL needs positive, not negative exposure in the US and the 20+ game suspension has almost become common-place. It's obviously not effective, because these types of incidents seem to be more common than they were just 10 years ago.

Greg Wyshanski has a good article on this as well at the NHL fanhouse that outlines some good ideas for punishments.

One thing I would like to see added: A team can't replace a players roster spot for the length of the suspension (And can't healthy scratch him). This would go for all violent conduct suspensions. A player might think twice if they were about to really hurt their team. Right now the team pays no price, Boulerice can be easily replaced in the lineup without costing the Flyers much of anything.

But if the Flyers had to play with a short bench (which would now be 2 men down with Downie out) well, the ramifications for him might be a little more severe.

Just an idea


  1. Sorry, but I'm not a fan of that one. Now, if we were talking hard core, hit them where it counts and make another half the player's salary count towards the team cap. So if a suspended player made one million, 1.5 million would count against the team's cap space. You would have to do all kinds of crap if you are too close to the cap, which could really cost you. Waivers could really hurt you.

  2.'s a valid point and probably would eliminate more than just the extreme hits we ARE seeing more of. though, big hits are 'righted' at another time -- that STeve Downie is now a Wanted Man by anyone in the League - a tainted rookie is punishment enough. The League forgets, but the Players don't.

  3. That was the same idea that came to my mind, ie. a player suspended for hits like this can't be replaced on the teams roster. The idea about a salary cap his is a good one too.

    How many games do you think the BJ who tried to decapitate Captain Caveman Parker will get?

  4. How many do I think he'll get? because the NHL is spineless and it didn't result in a player laying on the ice in a heap... unfortunately 0

  5. My thoughts exactly...

    We need a disciplinary commish that will drop the hammer on this crap, IMO.