Ugly is In this winter

UPDATE: Draft Dodger over at In the Cheap Seats, Joe at Mile High Hockey, And Hockey Jersey expert Tapeleg at Jersey's and Hockey Love. Hate them. Meanwhile Shane over at Avs Talk actually likes them. Jori at Avs Prospects hasn't weighed in on them, and Mike over at Blue, Blanc, et Rouge weighed in on the comments. So there you have it folks In a nationwide survey of Avs bloggers 5 out of 6 hate the new jersey's (not to mention UniWatch who also disdains them)

The Denver post dropped the original video they had on their site, and put in this new one, which is longer and tedious. To even see the jersey skip ahead to the one minute mark. They also changed the video in them, so anywhere i reference the video below is kind of bogus now

So the Avs have decided to join the trend of UGLY jerseys. I have stayed away from reviewing jersey's so far, but not that Have seen these, i feel okay about that. I would be remiss if I made fun of the new Canucks uniforms when the Avs now look like garbage. Of course it's still ok to make fun of the Flames new Jersey.

But wow these are bad, now for something more specific other than the initial shock of seeing something ugly.

I think the first thing that sticks out is the white vertical stripes up the front. Not only do they give the Avs a completely "bib" look that rivals both Florida and Nashville for ugliness. The converging white stripes near the top seems like it's going to make the "C"and "A"'s look really cluttered. Look at where the A is on Leschyshyn's jersey. Where the hell are they going to put those on the new ones? Above the Avs A? No wonder Sakic didn't model this.

It's kind of an optical illusion but with so much going on in the top of the jersey the bottom of the jersey is just barren Burgundy. It's crowded at the top with nothing at the bottom. YUCK!

We haven't even gotten to the sleeves yet, but here we go. If you're putting a color, Blue, on a color, Burgundy, you need a lighter color (White Yellow, Orange, Baby Blue etc) breaking them up or they end up bleeding into each other. If you pause at about the 24 second mark of the video you can see the difference is stunning. If you look at the Avs from any kind of angle the effect is noticeable. On the underarm blue it's separated by the White vertical bib line (it's only redeeming quality by the way). It makes the Blue jump out and be noticed. On the sleeves there's no white border and the burgundy in the sleeves is almost lost in between the blue on the shoulders and the blue under the arms. Your eye is automatically drawn to the underarm blue, which just reminds you that there's too much blue in the jersey in the first place. You barely even notice the fact that there is actually burgundy in the sleeves. CONTRAST PEOPLE. COLORS NEED CONTRAST.

You can get a quick look at the back around the 12 second mark of the video Here (Ignore the arrow. I stole the picture from Mile High Hockey since my video got taken down.)The back is pretty plane, and again without any horizontal stripes on the bottom at all it makes it look not just plane, but boring. Even though it's just a quick glance, the Reebok logo at the top gives the back the same effect as the front. Crowded at the top, empty in the bottom.

I've never understood why the Avs have black pants and gloves? IT always seems like they could have done more with them, but don't let whoever designed these jerseys do that to the pants. In fact leave them alone until the Avs get a new uni designer.

The socks are the uniforms ONLY redeeming quality. And even then, they could have been better. I love the stripes, but I'm more a fan of small stripes instead of big thick ones. Of course they could have had vertical stripes. But really the socks are unremarkable, unfortunately that's the best thing i can say on anything on this jersey.

Seriously I can't imagine the jerseys being screwed up this badly. These are awful. Gone is the cool uneven border that kind of invoked the mountains. In it's place is Blue on Burgundy shoulders that are poorly designed. They could be worse, they could have been inspired by this

What bothers me the most about the blue on burgundy thing is that it's a basic of design. Dark on dark needs to be split up by light for some contrast. It's common sense. Without even a white border in there it just reeks of amateurism. The bib design, the blue on burgundy, and the crowded top and open base jersey's reek of amateurism. How can any team take us seriously if we look like our uniforms were designed by novelty t-shirt company on it. Seriously they should have just removed the Avs logo and put "Free Mustache Rides" on the front.

UPDATE: More pictures can be found in a link here.
Notes from these... the burgundy patch above the reebok logo in the back is stupid, it looks like a tag is hanging out. The White jersey looks a ton better, why? because the Burgundy on the sleeves CONTRASTS with the white of the jersey. The whites only make the darks look that much worse.

MY final grade: D-. Only the modest socks and the whites even come close to saving these hideous monstrosities. The darks are just too bad to ignore


  1. I agree completely. The two-tone sleeves are teh sux. I would have prefered another piping/stripe along the sleeves to break up the color. And the hems are burgandy/white wastelands.

    Our most pressing questions heading into the season isn't "How will the goalies work out?" it's "Where's the C?"

  2. Where's the C? good question.

    At least the whites are a little better, but i am gasping about the C's and A's. I just can't see how they are going to fit on these

  3. 1) So far after reviewing all the 'new' uni's teams have come up with, the only team that actually is BETTER off this next season than before the change are the D.C. Capitals, who went back to their traditional red,white,and blue colors. Ditching the ugly black and gold.
    2) It seems every other team that changed, did so for the worse! Just our opinion. We could be wrong.

  4. I like Boston's better than their last ones. Minnesota's are pretty good too in my opinion

  5. I don't mind them all that much. I'd give them a B-. Yeah, where are the "A" and "C" going to go, on the sleeve??

  6. the Oilers jerseys are pretty fugly too, which means the NW division may be one of the ugliest divisions in hockey next year. The Wild probably have the nicest uniforms (although I don't like that their home and away logos don't match). Vancouver is probably my 2nd favorite jersey in the division - how wrong is that? Edmonton, Colorado and Calgary all have nasty sweaters.