Chelios is a Liar

Great Great Find by "Bitchany" over at Bethany's hockey rants. Pure gold.


  1. Hey Jibble, a couple of comments on the verge of the new season. What is the talk of Jose Theodore's 2nd position and that 5-6 mill cap room dilemma. Are you dumping him in favor of Budja? That's some room to free up Freewheelin' Foppa...
    Lastly, how long is Stastny on contract because I think The Dark Ranger wants to make him a Ranger.


  2. They have to keep Theo's contract on the books unless they trade him away.

    July 1 was the last day to buy him out, and in all reality buying him out wouldn't have saved them a whole lot financially, because they would have had to sign a different backup netminder.

    Basically the Avs are stuck with him unless we can unload him to someone else. The Avs have the cap space (still) to sign Foppa if they want him. There's debate as to whether that's something they want to do though.

  3. 1) The Chelios clip is priceless!! Surprised this is the first time we've heard/see it. You'd have thought the day he first signed to play with them that we'd of heard about that bold proclamation. LOL
    2) As for Mr. Rogaine, Jose isn't going anywhere! Even if he had a mediocre season last season he'd still be over paid. If Gerber can't be traded and he makes about 2 mil LESS than Theodore, then the Av.'s are stuck with him.
    3) Ya never know, he may come into this season with the mind set that he has something to prove,etc. Doesn't hurt that its his 'contract year'. he may not want this to be his last NHL season, which it will if he sucks

  4. Yeah, the feeling was pretty mutual at the time. I think most people did a double take when they heard Chelios was coming over. Now he puts himself through an insane workout just to keep wearing the Winged Wheel. Amazing how people change after they actually get the grapes. :)

  5. Which is why what that guy left for the Red Wings from the Blackhawks everyone was just stunned.

    I didn't know that this clip existed.

    I'm glad that Bethany found it. I wonder if he regrets saying such things? :-)

  6. He probably doesn't regret it at all

    I bet he also kicks puppies