All the Avs you ever wanted (Well almost)

Coming in Early October, All the best bloggers (and by best I mean those who cheer for the Avs, because if they don't well they aren't eligible for "Best" status) will be hosting a very cool Avs round-table, where we have posed 7-8 questions about the Avs and all the Avs bloggers around the web will give their answers to each question. They will all be posted over at Mile High Hockey, and each individual Avs blogger will post his or her answer to each question to get excited for the upcoming season.

I expect this to be very informative, and interesting. There are a lot of different viewpoints from all the bloggers. Jori from Avs Prospects does a fantastic job keeping Avs fans abreast of all the Avs prospects, and will have a great point of view of fairly newly promoted Avs such as Jeff Finger, Woitek Wolski, Paul Stastny, Brad Richardson, and any new Avs that make the team (like T.J. Hensik or Kyle Cumisky). Draft Dodger, over at In the Cheap Seats, has a fantastic scouts eye and has almost convinced me that Brett Clark is a good player. These are just two of the many different and unique opinions that I look forward to reading to get excited for the season. It will be essential reading for even the most casual of Avs followers, or anyone even remotely interested in how the Avs will be this season.

This is all in anticipation of the season opener, which is before you know it (In London, but not too long afterwards for the Avs)

Your long Avs drought shall soon be over... go Avs

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