Why don't people want Eddie Eagle?

Eddie Eagle, a two time Stanley Cup winner in Dallas, looks like he's headed to Sweden to play goalie. I wonder why teams aren't more accommodating to the future hall-of-famer. Yes his partying ways are the stuff of legend ($1B is classic), and his age is a concern, but the guy put together a quietly strong season in Florida last season, and while I think he's seen the last of his Stanley Cup winning days he could still be a serviceable #1 goalie next season.

Atlanta, Phoenix and Tampa Bay look to have goalie question marks heading into next season
and he could probably push LeClaire in Columbus as well. I find it boggling that this future HoFer hasn't had any offers this summer


  1. To answer your hypotheticals, ATL seems committed to Kari for the forseable future, Leclaire is supposed to be 'the main man' in CLB and they won't throw him under the bus just yet, Tampa has seen Eddy plenty and maybe they know something everybody else doesn't (plus, I read somewhere that they don't feel that goaltending is the biggest problem, but the lack of depth on the blueline), and if PHX brought in another over-the-hill player, whether he's servicable or not, I'm pretty sure all 20 fans would riot, storm Casa Gretz, and demand Janet's blood.

    Let's face it, outside of a couple of vets like Kolzig and Brodeur, the kids are ruling the goaltending roost these days. Plus that fact that Eddy's back could explode at any minute probably turned a ton of teams off, even for a backup.

  2. He's still better than the Tandoms in all the places I've mentioned. Is he a risk, yes, but he's at this point a cheap risk.

    I don't like how GM's talk themselves into younger players, based solely on being younger, rather than a guy who had a good season last year.

  3. Belfour is not a two time Stanely Cup winner in Dallas. Dallas has only one cup victory in 1999.

  4. It is a direct consequence of the CBA that Belfour is having trouble finding NHL work. Belfour is one of the 30 best goalies in the NHL (assuming he stays healthy) and thus should be a starter somewhere. Worst case he should be a heavily used backup who gets in 40% or more of the games.

    Due to salary cap constraints, teams cannot afford to have extra players on their roster on one-way contracts to cmpete for roster spots, so they give their spots to a player and unless he fails miserably or suffers serious injury its his job for at least a season. All the teams that had roles for a Belfour type goalie filled them with somebody else. Its a game of musical chairs and it looks like he lost.

    Of course Belfour is better than some goalies who are employed in the NHL, but he is too expensive and talented to be a seldom used backup (Sabourin, Craig Anderson). Other teams committed to other goalies who may not be as good (Tampa, Columbus) but with that money committed, it was impossible to add Belfour too even if he would be a better choice.

    belfour is hardly the only NHL capabe player left without a job. There is an ever increasing number of them going to Europe. He is the first Hall of Fame track player - so maybe it will warrent some notice. By virtue of his age, he is more likely to be left out than others. If he signs a multi-year deal at age 35 or older, it counts against the salary cap regardless of if he plays the whole deal. So teams will offer him one year deals and he will have to play musical chairs for a goalie job each year. The more times he plays, the betetr chance he loses eventually.

    Its not good for the fan to not have all the best available talent in the NHL - a situation that is developing. It may save the owner some money, but I would rather watch Ed Belofur than say Craig Anderson.

  5. Right i forgot they lost to NJ in the other finals, it feels like they won 2 cups.

  6. I see him as a cancer. Just this year he injured Alex Auld in an incident that some reports had as being alcohol related.

    at this point, the baggage he brings and the potential damage he could cause in the clubhouse is not worth it.

  7. I would take Belfour over Leclaire any day.

  8. I would take Belfour over Leclaire any day.

    Which would keep in Columbus' philosophy of building the best team of 1998 today