Tell the Avs how you really feel

Thanks to Terry Frei's part of the "All things Avs" portion of the blog, we have the actual questions sent to Avs season ticket holders for the upcoming season. Terry Freis's insightful answers can be found here)

I am not a season ticket holder, but I would liek to think someone somewhere withing the Avs organization might be looking at Avs blogs, and see this, and hockey news is slow and this is fun so here we go:

1, What type of music do you prefer to be played at Avalanche home games?
_70s/80s Classics
_Dance music
_A variety of music
_None of the above

No rap? I mean Hey Ya by Outkast was overplayed by every other sport out there, don't the Avs want people to believe they are as trendy as the other leagues?
In all seriousness though why not go with classical/instrumental. One of the greatest parts of last years playoffs was watching the Rangers games and hearing organ music. Maybe it's just because stuff like this leaves me with the impression that classical music is a much better soundtrack for life than rock/pop/whatever. I mean playing the 1980's Breakin' the Law when someone goes to the penalty box has gotten old. Listen I love modern music as much as the rest of people, but pop music and current music goes through fads easily. What's popular now might become overplayed in just a few short weeks (yes I am looking at you Green Day).

2, Would you be in favor of the song “Rock ‘N Roll, Part II”, (the Hey! Song) returning as the Avalanche GOAL song?
_No opinion

When I used to go to Broncos games they would play this after touchdowns and I thought it was really cool. In a related note it was 20 years ago, and I was 8 years old. It was fun while it lasted, but that ship has sailed. Let's find a new song (oh yeah and the writer/singer is in jail for kiddie porn). If you really want the fans to chant something, let's bring in some Brits to write a nice soccer-style chant. (I don't care what people think of soccer, but the chants and songs they have after goals/during games are awesome). If not pick something by Flogging Molly (Drunken Lullabies after fights would be perfect by the way), Devil's Dance Floor).

3, Would you prefer to see replays of opposing goals immediately after they’re scored?
_Prefer replays at intermission
_No opinion

What's sad is they have to even ask. Of course they should play opponents goals. Any idiot with a cell phone and internet will be able to pull the goal up. Put it on the damn screen.

4, Do you like being prompted to “make some noise” in support of your team?
_No opinion

No no no no a thousand times no. If you really want to spawn cheering.... Organ music! and cheers, when was the last time an American sport spawned a new cheer. We've been doing the same "Let's go ____", "here we go Avalanche, here we go," blah blah blah for 50 years. Seriously, it's about time someone was more innovative than a high school cheer squad.

As a side note, how did these cheers come about, and how come every team has the same cheers. When did they first come about, and how do you introduce new ones. How come colleges can come up with new one's but pro teams can't? What's keeping this from happening? What's cooler having your own sung in unison haunting chant

5, What are your feelings on the use of movie clips during Avalanche games at Pepsi Center?
_Would like more.
_Would like less.
_Just a few is okay.
_Shouldn’t use them.

Listen as with music, if I really wanted pop music or video clips in game, i'd download them and put them on my ipod, and bring it to the game. I am at a hockey game to watch the game. Yes i realize some of this garbage, for some reasons, resonates with some fans (the same "fans" who vote on ESPN's Whose now apparently) so I know some of this stuff is never going away. But let's put in a rule, you can only use the same clip 5 times a season, same with songs, unless that's your goal scoring song. There's enough music out there, and enough movies that you can at least mix it up.

6, Feel free to make any comments about the In-Game Entertainment.

Music and movie clips are meant to enhance the game, not distract from it. "Sexy Back" does not enhance hockey. Organ/classical music and a very limited few songs enhance the game. please remember this.


  1. Bring back the avalanche warning siren after goals!!! No more generic fog horn.

  2. I've never heard "Rock 'N Roll, Part 1" - is Rock 'N Roll, Part 2 better?

    That song was completely unbearable before we found out Glitter was a scumbag.

  3. No RnR part 1, that was part of the "Cuteness" (i.e. obnoxiousness) of it

  4. A.) Bugs Bunny using classical music as some of their episodes is still pretty much the greatest thing ever

    B.) Irish Rock music is amazing and Flogging Molly OR Dropkick Murphy's would be amazing after a goal(Devil's dance floor... Good Call)

    C.) Bull Horns should be outlawed... period.

  5. The Rangers these days have both the siren and fog horn, followed by the music-for-dummies MSG "GOAL..." scoring song (which you get on a CD and the words with your season tickets - hilarious).

    I vote for game on every team each season should be devoted to all RUSH music: that opening theme of "Tom Sawyer" before every face-off, a little "YYZ" on a close-game to rev up the fans, "Take Off to the Great White North" if it's a sweep and "New World Man" for a hat trick!!!!

    Geddy, Alex and Neil would be proud.


  6. RUSH huh... errrr... ummmmm.... Let's stick to classical/organ music huh?