Long time reader, Colberdan (and Beige Wings fan) asked in the comments section a few weeks/months back why the Red Wings were the only team I have given a nickname too (Beige Wings). Really it's because I don't want to force things, and too many nicknames makes reading a blog feel like you're missing out on all the inside-jokes. It becomes elitest and hard for the casual person to read, so I pick my nicknames carefully.

Well added to the Detroit Beige Wings is a new team nickname.

Thanks to Sidney Crosby The Pittsburgh Penguins shall either be known as the Pinksburgh Penguins, or Pittsburgh Pinkguins, I'm ok with either one so I'll let you decide... Poll on the left.


  1. Has to be the Pinkguins. Pinksburgh sounds like you're trying to hard. Though "Beige Wings" doesn't come across very smoothly, so if you're shooting for a consistent theme...

  2. Well Beige wings are as awkward as the teams personalities