A new bandwagon

Since Dallas Drake signed with the Beige Wings, thus ruining my perfect off season, I have been looking for a good old washed-up scorer, but still productive checker to throw my hat in the ring with. Well my looking is no more, I have found him, and his name is....Michael Peca.

I don't know why, but I feel like the Avs are one checking forward away from having a truly complete team. Call me crazy. Now word is after begging Buffalo to sign him he's trying to latch on with the Rangers, but the Avs should consider working with him and signing him.

Last season he only played 35 games due to injury, but in the three previous seasons he played in 71, 76 and 66 games. He could be that valuable 3rd/checking line center and a contributer on the penalty kill.

The downside of signing him could be, no room on the roster for PEter Forsberg if the Avs are serious about signing him, and he could keep a young talented player from being called up to the club this season.

If the Avs feel like they have a serious chance at Forsberg they should hold off, but if the Sede signs somewhere else, Peca wouldn't be a bad pickup either.


  1. On the plus side, you can now look forward to a whole season of "Hate the Drake!" Seinfeld references...

  2. At least Mike Peca's skates will fit the entire season. Best of luck...we are all looking for that true last piece.