Face of the Franchise

I have been relatively harsh on ESPN, and all it's evil subsidaries, but I remember a time when ESPN was the sports king, and we all worshiped at their glorious alter.

Well every once in a while they still come up with really really cool stuff, and this thing they did for baseball, called "The face of the franchise", is pretty cool. Basically it is when you think of a franchise, who's the one person you think of? Which player/coach/exec is the face of that franchise? So here's my cut at the face of each franchise:

Western Conference

Anaheim Ducks: Jean-Sebastion Giguere
San Jose Sharks: Joe Thornton
Dallas Stars: Marty Turco
Phoenix Coyotes: Wayne Gretzky
LA. Kings: Wayne Gretzky... wait he played there 10 years ago (or more?) ummm... Rob Blake (Crawford and Kopitar are close)

Calgary Flames: Jaime McClennon... oh no really Jerome Iginla
Colorado Avalanche: let me think who embodies the Avs... I guess Joe Sakic huh?
Edmonton Oilers Ryan Smyth... oh wait sorry Oilers fans that's what it SHOULD have been...now it's Kevin Lowe
Minnesota Wild: Marion Gaborik is able to stand out despite his coach, Jaques LeMaire being morally opposed to goals, which is pretty damn good.
Vancouver Canucks: Well this is a tough one. The Sedins could be it, but there's two of the and they have the same face... so that's cheating. Linden maybe, but I will go with Roberto Luongo

Chicago Blackhawks: Really? Bill Wirtz. (I really couldn't tell you three more players on their team.. seriously. Khabibulin, ummm..... eeerrrrr... yeah Wirtz.) edit: even after going to the team roster, I can only recognize about 5 players. What a lousy run franchise.
Columbus Blue Jacket: The bug (well really Rick Nash)
Detroit Beige Wings: Still Steve Yzerman, with Lidstrom a close second now
Nashville Predators: Well I would have said Kariya, or Vokoun, but umm...errr... yeah so. We'll go with Chris Mason.
St. Louis Blues: Toss-up between Tkachuk and Weight. We'll go with Tkachuk since I remember Weight lifting the cup with the Hurricanes.

Eastern Conference

New Jersey Devils: Martin Brodeur (despite Lou Lamorillo's best efforts)
New York Islanders: Charles Wang (yes even with DiPietro's 15 year contract. Wang is crazy and cooky. That always gets you in my minds eye)
New York Rangers: Elisha Cuthbert... Oh she's not technically part of the franchise?.. well then Jaromir Jagr (expect King Henry to pass him soon)
Philadelphia Flyers: Simon Gagne (One question, how the hell is a town like Philly gonna embrace a pretty-boy like Briere. I don't think it's possible)
Pinksburgh Pinkguins: I think everyone is expecting Crosby here, but Mario Lemieux saved the franchise twice, and won a few cups. Crosby might be the face, but Super Mario IS the Pens.

Boston Bruins: Is it bad that All I can think of is Joe Thornton. Oh well here's the next 3 Bruins I thought of: Ray Borque, Bobby Or, Cam Neely. Hmmm Chara? hey there we go Zdeno Chara. Wow good thing the B's have going there.
Buffalo Sabres: Chris Dru... oh... ummm... Daniel Bri.. yikes huh? Ryan Miller?? they still have him? good Ryan Miller
Montreal Canadiens: Saku Koivu
Ottawa Senators: Daniel Alfredsson
Toronto Maple Leafs: Mats Sundin

Atlanta Thrashers: Lil John (I wish he had a bigger role with the team.) Ilya Kovalchuck
Carolina Hurricanes: Eric Staal's Mugshot, ok Rod Brind'amor
Florida Panthers: I always think of Uwe Krupp. But for current players Vokoun
Tampa Bay Lightning: Martin St. Louis
Washington Capitals: Alexander Ovechkin's sick sick goal against Phoenix... but we'll just stick with Ovechkin

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  1. The Bug?! What the...grrrrrrrr...haha...at least you said Nashy and not like Leclaire or something like that.