2 minutes for roughing, 1-3 years for dogfighting

Great find by Japer's Rink

Hmm not to get too off-hockey topic,but it's August and the list of athletes in this commercial who have taken quite the off-court/field/ice etc career hit are staggering.

  • Vick...well i think everyone knows about him
  • Marion Jones.... busted in the BALCO scandel
  • Leaving a line to separate the above two disgraces and the much lesser lower ones
  • Lance Armstrong... Well he does a lot of stuff for charity and cancer so it's hard to list him with these athletes, but the fact he is consistently dogged by steroids rumors would be irresponsible to ignore.
  • Urlacher... Not happy with his baby's moma
So all that's left is Agassi, Serena Williams and Randy Johnson are all on thin ice.


  1. I was somewhat intrigued by this...though, what a generally strange commercial. Great message, eh? Not used to seeing these great athletes in other roles...almost unrecognizable.


  2. Lance isn't plagued with steroids rumors, he's plagued with rumors of EPO use. It's totally different.

    And everybody in cycling uses HgH.