Must Read

This is a must read for any American hockey fan, from Eric McErlain at offwing.


  1. Unfortunately, unless a powerful sports-only TV network can instantly be created with enough sway to seriously compete with ESPN---and that network carries hockey---there's not much any of us can really do. ESPN remains the preeminent sports media authority in the US, whether they deserve it or not.

    The only real solution is go to bed with the enemy and get the NHL back on ESPN. It sucks, but no amount of "fighting the power" (what does that really mean, anyway?) will end ESPN's dominance over the mindset of American sports fans. The NHL needs to suck it up and get back on the Four Letter, and fast.

  2. I don't know, I like Vs. They treat the NHL good, and do a decent broadcast. It's not great, but improving, and more importantly they don't treat the NHL like second class.

    ESPN recently cut away from an MLS game to give a live version of a pre-game show THAT WAS ON ANOTHER ESPN STATION. Other than the occasional football or soccer game I am done with ESPN. It's pretty much dead to me

  3. I should qualify that for a minute:

    Unless it's an actual sporting event I want to watch, or the website (i'll still check hockey) It's mostly dead to me.. well not quite dead.

  4. You can't escape it. Don't even pretend.

  5. ESPN is like radiation. you can take small doses of it and be okay, but you really should limit your exposure to it or it could leave you sterile and make your hair fall out.

  6. 1) We agree with Both Jibble and LordStanley. We watch much less ESPN now then ever. There is almost no hockey mention(other than bad), and we simply can't stomach 30 mins of BB hilites
    2) On the other hand, like it or not, most folks in the states get their sports from that source. We're a small minority that won't influence ESPN all that much
    3) Sure VS did a better job this year(out side of their awards coverage!)but no one is watching. Certainly no new fans will attracted by them.
    4) Bettman's decision to go with VS apparently has more negative repercussions than even we the anti-Bettman folks realized at the time. Can it get any worse!?! Well, yes and it probably will.