I like what these teams have done

As free agency has come to a close, with very few good players being left (But Eric Lindros is still available!?!) It's worth taking some time to see what teams have done to improve themselves. There's a number of different theories out there of how to build your team. Personally I think the best way to build a team for a long run is to have a good base, and then add parts as necessary. Maybe a big Free Agent here or there, but they shouldn't be the backbone of your team. They should be the garnish. Here's three teams who I like what they did in the Free agency period.

Colorado Avalanche
They have a good backbone that nearly went into the playoffs last season, and really got their fans excited about their team. They went into Free Agency with a lot of money to spend. Some GM's would have felt compelled to bring in more than what was necessary. Maybe added another 2-3 quality players. Instead GM Francois Giguere resisted temptation, identified areas the team needed for improvement, and signed the best players available. He could have gotten some free agents that might be a more short term solution, while stunting the growth of his young nucleus. Fortunately for us Avs fans he knew that the youth is the future and didn't sacrifice any of the future for now, while still fielding what looks to be a very competitive team next season. Well done.

Los Angeles Kings
Los Angeles differs from Colorado, in that they didn't quite have as good of a core to work with. They do have the #1 rated farm system in the game, so there's a lot there, but as far as fielding a competitive team next year they had a long ways to go. so they brought in a lot of good, but not great, talent. this talent will be able to help with the transition that many of these young studs coming up will have to face. Overall I think the Kings made really good moves for the future of thier franchise.

Needless to say these are my off-season winners so far. I think these two teams took a very safe, yet bold approach to Free Agency.


  1. Here's three teams who I like what they did in the Free agency period.


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    I like what Pittsburgh did too,

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