Giguere likes himself the Mullets

To be honest, I'm suprised he hasn't hired Melrose as coach, and Engbloom as play-by-play guy

As I write this TSN has a banner confirming Ryan Smith signing a 5-year $31.25M dollar contract to play with the Avalanche. This and Hannan's signing earlier in the day means a few things...

The Avs are back baby. Yes they are a force to be reckin with. I can see the Hejduk-Statsny-Smyth line now.. and good god it's beautiful. Because of the amounts of these contracts, I don't think the Avs should go after a second tier wing, like a Zubris, because they should focus on having a little flexibility at the trade deadline and also next season.

Ummm... not to toot my own horn or anything, but I (imagine Jon Stewart when he does his high-pitch voice) ... NAILED IT!!!

While details aren't in, it appears that the deal might be front-heavy with the first year being up to $8M and the last year worth only about $4.5M (again from a rumor site.. not Eklund). Needless to say I am absolutly ecstatic right now. They got the two free agents I wanted the most, and they seemed to get them for cheaper than all the experts predicted. Hanna was supposed to go for $5M+ and Smyth ~$6.5 and the Avs got them for $4.5M and an average of $6.25. Not huge disconts, but nothing more than expected either.

Of course Jibblewife's response to hearing we got Smyth: Awwww (frowns)

"Sweets this is a good thing"

"I wanted Drury"

Smyth... you have some expectations to live up to my friend.


  1. Sweet Mother. Add the Avs to that free agent list of "Who Won?"

    New York City
    Detroit (dare I say?)

    IN my division, the "Who Lost?" would so far be:

    New Jersey
    Long Island
    (I just love, love these latter two)!!!!


  2. See i don't think Detroit won. I think they overpayed for a declining Rafalski, so in my opinion, they lost.

    Don't forget Buffalo on the "Losers" list

  3. I wanted Drury too, but I could hardly be happier right now. Ohhh man....why is October so far away?!?!?

  4. Hey, maybe Forsberg will come back for one last hurrah later in the season and the Avs can make a decent playoff run...

    Cool how you had Hannan and Smyth on top of your lists, Skywalker.
    Nice work!

  5. Forsberg will be getting pedicures with the Swiss this fall, then will be an AV in February.

    Mark my words.


    (re: Detroit -- agreed jibblescribbits... the real 2 Conference winners are the Avs and Rangers. Funny.)

  6. I too was REALLY hoping for a Drury signing. Now that my favorite goalie is playing in NHL hell next season (Vokoun in Florida) I may have to give Lunqvist a gander. Of course, keeping an eye on Drury will be nice too. I'll have to make it a point to watch the NYR-Flyers games next season too.

    Good calls on the Smyth and Hannan picks. I should never have doubted you. If those two moves don't put the Avs over the hump and back into a solid Playoff team for a few years, I don't know what will.

  7. I really think Forsberg will come back in February or so. I wouldn't mind the Avs just saving the rest of their money for that situation.