Dumbest thing you'll read all summer

Thanks to Faux Rumors for pointing out this idiot blog post.

The guy disses Smyth, and worse yet takes a not so subtle swipe at Joe Sakic... Red Wings fans can't even take a swipe at Joe Sakic. The he speaks highly of... catch this... wait for it... wait for it.... Alexei Yashin and Bill Guerin. I can understand calling Smyth overated, a little. But to rag on Smyth for not producing in the playoffs (being on a team that was completely over matched from the first game) and then praising Bill Guerin just shows he has no idea what hes talking about. None.


  1. That's sheer idiocy. I commented on that page too. Pure bullcrap at its finest.

  2. Stan, Stan, Stan,

    Perhaps he simply should have stated Ryan wasn't able to save a team that couldn't save itself?

    I still think Smyth was one of the top free agents this year, and again Smyth proved that money doesn't buy everything. They threw a lot of money at him to stay, but who wants to play in an outdated stadium and live on that long, Long Island? The article (and this is not the first time I've heard this argument here in the NY area) is bitter -- many of the local bloggers continue to defend this position. March of the idiots. Truth is that many of the NY'ers don't know much about Ryan -- a Western Conference guy, they haven't seen him play as much...etc.

    In regards to Stan who wrote the article, I have admired his history and knowledge of the NHL and especially the Rangers. We all occasionally misstep, but blogging may just not be his thang!!!!

    Oh, poor Stan. A horrible article. And Hilarious.


  3. Oh my gosh...seriously I read that and it just pissed me off. That guy is a moron...I have heard nothing good about him.

  4. See I got the bitterness (even if it's a bit misplaced.) But how can any self-respecting Rangers or Isles fan (let alone hockey fan) not like Joe Sakic after the way he used and abused Scott Stevens in the '01 Cup finals?

    FYI: To all you eastern time zone people, this is why there's so much complaining west of the mississipi about the East Coast Bias :)

    And it didn't even piss me off as much as completely amuse me. It reminded me of the crazy old man sitting on his front porch ranting about how this new fangled interweb and it's series of tubes was just a passing fad.