Best Slow Season post yet...

I think the entire hockey blogosphere is in a little bit of a writing lull right now. There's really not much to write about (and I still can't bring myself to write about Drake signing with the Beige wings. Not only did it kill my 3-for-3 fake GM season, but it may have added a personality to the wings, making me rethink the "Beige Wings" moniker."

Well the most imaginitive and greatest slow hockey day blog post ever is going on over at On the Forecheck. He's asking reeaders to come up with "the Seven Wonder's of the Hockey World".

I threw in joke ones like Melroses Mullet, but if anyone knows of any, or just wants a good read, I would check it out.


  1. Melrose Mullet is truly a wonder - that he still wears one. People found pictures of me what they thought I had one. They were mistaken.

    Don Cherry's jacket(s) has to be up there somewhere...

  2. Oh good point, Don Cherry's Jacket(s) are truly a wonder...

    what about Englbloom's mullet/plugs/ whatever died on his head?

  3. The Fanhouse ran their own 7 Wonders today. Included at number 7 was "Don Cherry's closet."

  4. Yes, but there's is null and void for giving the winged wheel it's own spot on the list