Shamless Self Promotion

Well as some of you know, In a breif moment of insanity (i.e. stupidity) I decided to enter this bracket

Well the brackets came out today.. and I'm a 14-seed in the most randomly seeded bracket ever (eh, I'm in the dance). (3 other brackets as well, only other hockey blogger I saw was Flyers Fieldhouse)

So if you have a quick second to scan the internet (and face it, if your here reading this you do) feel free to go vote for me and represent hockey. I am the one towards the bottom with the dorky haircut and the inconceivable red ears. (I really didn't use my best picture for this did I? Whoops).

I'm up against This guy


  1. you think? lol.

    P.S. I think I will need all of HLOG's help on this one.. mainly because I'm a hockey blogger and don't have the following as, say, a football blogger.

  2. Yeah, I will do it again when I get home...just to be sure...but I will post a little something on HLOG for you...that is if you want me to.

  3. If you want to, I'd be kind of scared of advancing.. more criticism :)

  4. Look at jibbles, trying to play the adorable/insecure card. :)

  5. As my dad always told me... Go with what works