No Suprise Turgeon to retire

Thanks to Mike Thompson for the link

I can't really say I am suprised. His last two seasons with the Avs were a disaster, ad even when he was on the ice, he looked old and slow. He was suposed to be a cheap replacement for Peter Forsberg, but injuries and age kept him from being that replacement.

However we shouldn't let his last two seasons diminish what was certainly a very fine career. In his prime he wasn't quite a dominant player, but he was pretty close. He had tremendous vision and his passing skills were nearly unmatched. He's borderline for the Hall of Fame, and I think he deserves to be in. He was a fine player for sure and one of the classiest this classy sport has to offer.

I wish him well in retirement, and hope he goes into coaching. I think he'd be a good one.

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  1. I liked him...that makes me sad oh well best of luck to him.