No Free Agency splash for the Avs?

So the Avs have a boatload of cap space going into July, and have very few needs. This leads itself well to making a big splash in Free Agency. Their are a boatload of options on the table, including Forsberg, Hannan, Drury, Gomez, Smyth, Briere and nearly every other non-goalie Free agent.

Yet in Scott Burnside's analysis of Free Agents Colorado gets mentioned once (Forsberg). Seriously? A team that nearly made the playoffs, needs a little help and has a boatload of young good players isn't going to sign a veteran or two to help with the playoff run next season? Especially when they need a good physical presence on the blue line, or a compliment to Statsny and Hejduk on the second line?

I know he's thinking about all 30 teams and may overlook something, but how can you not say Colorado is barely looking at free agents? Oye


  1. Scott Burnside is a jackass. 'Nuff said.

  2. Not only is he a jackass, but he mentioned the Capitals repeatedly, like they're the only team in the league considering signing a free agent. I guess he just mentioned them because they're so woefully low on talent in general, and probably need a guy like Gomez or Drury more than anybody else.