Next season

With the NHL season now over, The cup has been won hearts were broken, and another successful season is in the books (despite Bettmans best efforts to ruin the game completely).

So here's a personal recap of the season for me.

October 4th - Season starts. Your 2006-2007 starting goalie, Jose Theodore

October 4th- Joe Sakic is awsome!

October 10ish- Jibblescribbits makes plans to move from Denver to San Jose... Hockey interest is, unfortunantly put on hold.

Nov 1st- Theodore's record 2-3-2. Budaj: 2-1-1. Joe Sakic Still awsome.

Novemberish: Jibblescribbits has no real way to watch the Avs, so I can't say much about them here. They struggle mightily in the beginning 2 months.

December: TV is in the home finally start watching games regularly, and plans to buy Center-ICE in January, until then, not much hockey. Assumes Sakic is awsome (he is)

January 15th- Avs coem to San Jose and I get to see my only live game all season. They lose 3-1.

February: Center Ice plants the seeds of blogdom.

February 28th: Avs miracle run starts, Paul Stastny is awsome

March 1st: Jibblescribbits Debuts (well as a hockey blog. I didn't knwo where i wanted to take it before here)

March 5th: Always a good day

March 12th: I do the unthinkable... forgive Todd Bertuzzi

March 19th: good riddance Brad May. Also one Franchise loses it's soul, and my respect

MArch 21: Sell your soul for a day night for the Avs

April 6: Milan Hejduk is awsome

April 8: Avs season is over

April 12: NHL Center ice gets on my nerves

April 23: ONLY game 7 of the playoffs

May 4th: Chris Drury is Awsome

May 11th: getting that familiar feeling back

May 17th and 18th: OYE.. keeping Theo...makes sense

May 25: Wishful Thinking

June 5th: Knock head shots out

June 6th: Ducks win oh Joe Sakic... still awsome

So far it's been a wonderful ride. I am having a lot of fun getting everyones comments, and reading their thoughts on the Avs, and hockey in general. Don't worry we'll have off-season analysis as it comes available. But this concludes the inagural Jibblescribbits season. Next season begins Monday.... GO AVS!!!


  1. glad to have you in the community.
    I hope that sounded as hetero as it did in my head.