Jibblescribbits playoff pool, final standings

So here are tghe final standings for the Jibblescribbits playoff pool

1. Kelvin 182.00
2. Shane 180.00
3. Jibblescribbits 177.00
4. Alanah 173.00
5. Mike 167.00
6. Faux Rumors 149.00
7. RJ 143.00

Even though a Canucks fan won (BOOOOOOO!!!!!) it's nice to see that the Avs resolve extended to Avs fans and bloggers this year as well. With a late charge both Shane and I were able to pass Alanah (over at Canucks and Beyond) to take 2nd and 3rd. Congrats to Kelvin, who should win some sort of Prize, even though I have no idea what I would give/do for him.


  1. 1) Our biggest mistake was taking goalies from teams we knew wouldn't get at least to the semis!
    2) Oh well, there's always 'next year'. LOL Nice job on the pool/idea.

  2. Yes, I place far too much confidence in Vokoun and the Preds.
    Shoulda gone with Giggy.

  3. Thanks... I think next seson, I might do a full season one. I don't like fantasy hockey, because it's too much work changing lineups every night, but If i have one player to focus on for each team it might be a lot of fun.

  4. Thanks and don't worry about a prize. I took part in the pool largely because of its interesting format. It's especially nice to win this one hosted by an Avs fan, but I'm not really the bragging type anyway. I'll definitely play if you do anything similar again.