hmm this sounds familiar.

See if my movie pitch will work for you.

So a team owner desperately wants to move his franchise to a more profitable and better location. So the best way to accomplish this is to gut the current team and let attendance fall to the brink of nothing so blame can be placed at the feet of the fans. The owner then guts payroll and fills the team with a bunch of no-names, over the hills cheap never-will-be's to basically tank the season allowing the team to be moved.

These misfits band together, start losing, but the gruff coach bands them together. He plays the "No one, even your owner, wants you to win. You were all brought here to lose and you'll be replaced with better, more talented players next season." Then a vetren leader stands up and says "Then I guess there's only one thing left to do... win the whole mother f#$%^n thing." The band of misfits then bands together and starts winning. No names become heroes, rookies make big contributions and it envigorates the city. The season ends with them making the playoffs on the last day in front of a full home crowd, which is driving the owner, cheering for them to lose, crazy.

I know I know, it's been done before right?

Well guess what, this could be your 2007-2008 Nashville Predators folks, and frankly I can't wait. Whose going to be Cerrano? Can you see Radulov, lining up for a shootout, in which he has been terrible all season, talking to his stick saying "If you no help me this time I say F$^% you Jobo. I do it myself." Chris Mason as Rick Vaughn. He should paint the black-rimmed glasses on his mask right now. I can even see them bringing in some over-the-hill player with one last shot of glory in his eyes, keeping the team together (Think Tony Amonte' or Peter Bondra). Hell they can even sign Eric Lindross to be Roger Dorn. Then Mason can sleep with his wife. I can even see Trotz playing that movie for his players at the beginning of the season if Balisillie is indeed the owner. I haven't figured out who Willie Mays hays is, but I can even see Trotz going up to a guy and saying "You may skate like Modano, but you hit like S%^#."

I am giddy. This is my all-time favorite sports movie, and now it could actually happen in real life, in a league and conference I follow no less. Let's all hope this is what happens next season. If it does it would immediately be the greatest sports story ever.


  1. They made that move for around $11 million. That might how much Nashville is spending on salary by the time the season starts.

    No way Jim Balsillie's legs are as nice as Margaret Whitton's though.

  2. Instead of Jobu, they could use Koho, for starters.

    One point to remember is that just as there is a salary cap maximum, there is also a minimum team payroll (estimated around $33 million for next year by Spector), so it's not like they can completely gut the team.

    This will definitely be the theme for at least the next several weeks, though...

  3. True Balsillie's legs aren't that nice. And no one wants to see a cardboard cutout of Balsillie in a bikini.

    That's why I think Nashville fits the hollywood mold so easily. No matter what Balsilli does he has to leave enough talent on the team that they could actually pull this thing off.