Fan Etiquette: NO WAVE!!!!

Ok this post isn't about Hockey, but just being at a game in general. I want to make this perfectly clear for anyone and everyone who reads this. ANYONE TRYING TO START "THE WAVE" AT A SPORTING EVENT SHOULD HAVE THEIR TICKET REVOKED. If it's a kid, the parents have to tell them, the wave isn't cool You're embarrassing me. Sit down and enjoy the game. If they don't both their and their kids ticket should be revoked. This is non-negotiable. By the way if you aid and abet a person starting the wave, you should have to stand at the top of the stands. No seat for you.

Why does this seemingly harmless cheer annoy me so, well here's a little story. This weekend, as Game 3 was starting I was not near my TV. No where near it. I was at San Jose State stadium watching another game get started. I was watching Team USA tune up for the upcoming Gold Cup (soccer folks) with a friendly against China. (Thank god for Tivo, I didn't miss a second of Game 3).

While the first half went relatively well, in the second half a group of 8 kids or so near me decided they were going to start the wave. Mainly because a group of 8 other kids got it started in the first half, much to my chagrin.

Well these kids couldn't get the wave going, and it obviously wasn't going to work. Not only did they keep trying for 20 minutes in the game, but once or twice they got mad at me and my wife for not helping them start it. (which damn near had me flying into a rage. I felt like Homer Simpson in the Shinning episode. urge to kill.. rising...rising...rising)

It wasn't so much that I hate kids having fun, but starting the wave is distracting to the game. I was trying my best to ignore them, I mean REALLY trying, but like the sore tooth that you have to push on, I couldn't help be overwhelmed by their incessant yelling "1-2-3". To compound the problem they got just enough people from the neighboring sections to do it that they actually thought they were going to get it started, so they kept trying. and trying. and trying. It got to the point where I thought after they finished their "1-2-3" I thought this was going to be my cue to Pronger one of their parents in the head. While that may not of solved anything, it would have made me feel a LOT better.

It was incredibly distracting. The US had some players I was unfamiliar with, and It was my first chance to watch them play. It was the first time I remember seeing the US team in person, and I was incredibly excited to watch them. Yet all I could see for 20 minutes was the idiots to my left putting their hands in the air, as a signal to the entire stadium that: they weren't paying attention to the game and they were completely and utter fools. In fact people starting the wave is like natures warning to stay away from these people. It's like a Tiger's teeth, or a bees stripes. WARNING: These people are going to distract you from the sporting event you just paid to watch. STAY AWAY!!!! What was even more annoying was that these people stayed seated when the US had significant scoring chances. Maybe they were distracted by their own lameness.

So root, cheer, jeer. Chant, rant. All of those are acceptable. The wave? L-A-M-E.

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  1. 1) Very funny, but we agree whole heartedly! The wave is soo 80's and needs to be eliminated from all sperting arenas for fear of death!