East Coast Bias? You think?

So the Awards were last night, and guess who cleaned up? If you guessed Sidney Crosby, well you sir (or ma'am) are correct. If you said anyone east of the Central Time Zone, you are also correct.

The awards presented last night that were voted on, by the media, were almost all won by teams playing in the Eastern Time zone.

At first it doesn't look that bad, with 7 winners being from the east, and 3 being from the western conference. However 2 of those west awards were won by Beige Wings, and Detroit sits in the Eastern Time Zone. Meaning only the Coach of the year, Alan Vigneault got an award. Oh by the way, he barely won.

Now I'm not saying that the awards winners didn't deserve their awards. Phil Kessel, Saku Koivu both deserved their awards. Crosby had a fantastic season and deserved the Hart. Broduer-Luongo was a coin flip. Brind'amor is a great defensive forward and he deserves the Selke. All award winners were deserving.

Here's some more stats that seem to indicate an East Coast Bias. I chronicled how close Stastny and Malkin were for the Calder, yet Malkin got 120 first place votes, to Stastny's 16. How on earth is there a disparity like that? What the hell were these hockey writers watching. Sakic was 3rd in the Lady Byng behind Datsyuk and St. Louis, despite being the favorite.

Last season the voted on awards were 7-3 East Time zone vs. the rest of NA. The western conference winners were, Hart (Joe Thornton), Masterson (Teemu Selanne) and Vezina (Kiprsoff). Now remember Thronton also played 1/3 of the season in Boston.

So in the two years since the lockout, in voted on awards the total record is: 14-6, in favor of the Eastern time zone. This is despite the fact that the consensus is that the Western conference is a stronger conference.

So the message is clear, play east of the Mississippi and you can win an award.

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