Ducks just better

After watching Anaheim play Ottawa for two games, well it really appears that the Ducks are just a better team. Ottawa rolled through their conference losing a grand total of 3 games along the way, as Alfresson, Speza and Heatly racked up points galore.

I really don't think Ottawa has a chance anymore, after watching the first two games. Anaheim has been able to effectively eliminate Ottawa's top threat, while getting offense galore. They have hit harder, shot more,

However Anaheim played 3 opponants in Minnesota, Vancouver and Detroit that were much better than Pittsburgh, NJ, and Buffalo. I think any team that plays better teams will be that much more prepared for the next round.

Saying that Ottawa will probably come out and prove me wrong tonight and Anaheim will look terrible. Since i'm hoping for a 6-7 game series that wouldn't bother me too much.

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  1. I am cheering for the Ducks now. Only because I want to see Scott hand Lord Stanley to Rob.