Did the owners really win the lockout?

A very good point brought up here by Al Stachan from Foxsports.com (he's quickly becoming one of my favorite hockey columnitsts)

One is that it appears that the NHL Players Association will exercise its right to have the salary cap raised to the maximum permissible level. That should push it over $50 million.

Those of you who remember commissioner Gary Bettman's assurance that the salary cap he needed to impose would keep ticket prices down might wonder about this.

Bettman could have prevented the year-long shutdown of the league by accepting a PA proposal that would have set payrolls at approximately $42 million. He refused, saying that such a figure was beyond the reach of owners. Two years later, we're at $50 million.

And if you're wondering how the cap figure can go so high, it's because revenues increased. Where did these revenue increases come from? They're almost totally the result of ticket-price increases.

Wait I thought the owners won the lockout and players lost. Players salaries are up, revenues are up and the salary cap is up, and so are ticket prices. So who lost the lockout? Oh right Fans


  1. The good news for fans is that, judging by TV ratings, there are now apparently far fewer of us to bear the increased price burden post-Lockout.

    "Yay capitalism!"

  2. Oh, and I made another Cuthbert-related post just for you.

  3. Bettman's gotta go!