Denver Athletes.

Well today was going to be a light posting day for me. I have 2 more 5 questions worked up for today, and I was going to post those and leave it be. Then late last night i was browsing the Nhl Fanhouse and got a hold of this article. It seems the aol fanhouse is having a blogger from their holds give a top 5 athletes from different sports cities across the country. It's based basically on "Who's the cities most popular athlete in the city?" Their answer:

1) Allen Iverson
2) Carmelo Anthony
3) Champ Baily
4) Matt Holiday
5) Joe Sakic.

Yes that's right, they have a future hall of famer, who is one of the best ever to play his sport, immortalized in Denver, who will almost assuredly have a statue erected for him in front of the Pepsi Center behind a baseball player that is off to a good start for the season and had a pretty decent season last season. Needless to say I was incredulous and immediately made a post letting my disgust for the list known. Eric McErlain (off Offwing fame) also went on the fanhouse and stated why Sakic is #1 in the city

Well in the post comments the author responded by saying he lived in Denver until he was 10, and follows the Broncos, and that meant he was the biggest Denver "expert" at the fanhouse. I'll cut him some slack, because he was asked to gauge the popularity of athletes in a town he hasn't lived in for probably 15-20 years, so he did a pretty admirable job, based on that.

I'm more upset at the fanhouse for not enlisting a "guest" blogger that is a resident of Denver and could post on the local sports scene. It could be a rockies blogger, Broncos Blogger, Nugs or Avs too. But the guy obviously didn't understand the local sports scene and was given the impossible task of working blind. He wasn't able to understand that the NHL, while not very popular in a great many cities, still enjoys widespread popularity in Denver. The Avalanche are still the #2 ticket in town (the Broncos will always be #1) Hell there's a mural of Sakic on a downtown Old Chicago's., not Elway, not Iverson, not Melo, not Helton. Sakic.

Even the most adamant of hockey haters in Denver would have trouble arguing that Sakic isn't the most popular player in town. They might rank him below a player or two, but 5?!? wow.

Thanks to Eric McErlain for defending Denver's reputation as a great hockey town.

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