The Avs totally read my blog..

I expect royalties...

According to our favorite beat writer, Adrian Dater, the Avs are interested in Drury, Smyth, Handzus and Hannan. Hmm where, oh where, could they have thought of those guys?

Well needless to say as I head off to bed on what I am calling "Hockey Xmas Eve" (for this season at least). Will The Avs have Drury underneith the tree for me tomorrow morning? As long as it's not Yashin... He could put my eye out


  1. Hey Jibblescribbits.....

    Looks like you have Ryan Smyth on the way to the AVS. Spector's is reporting that he is on his way. Great catch.

    Watch for the Blueshirts this season, I know you WANT to like them. Maybe with Gomez and Drury now on the team, they'll make Shanny look invisible.

    Hhe eh h eh he . I am giddy.


  2. Well how are they going to sign Shanny? I don't think they can, unless he takes a massive paycut.

    Which actually means they'll have Drury (who Is my favorite non-Av), Lundqvist, and Gomez, whom i have no good, nor bad feelings towards.

    Not big on Jagr, and I don't like Avery at all, but I could come around on the Rangers.

  3. Shanny suggested he would take a pay cut if the Rangers Brass found the right players to make the team.

    Perhaps all mouth, Shanny is traded and I'll call him the 'bastard' talker.

    Good luck on the trades.