Avs Offseason: Peter Forsberg?

I really am trying to keep from doing any free-agent analysis until after the season is actually over. But when rumors as juicy as this one (courtesy of Adrian Dater at the Denver Post) come up, well I have to comment on it.

Supposedly Forsberg is interested in playing for the Flyers or the Avs with the Predators as his safety school. It seems like the Avs are option #1. If this is true, then I am all for it on a couple conditions. Forsberg is a great player, and is only 33 years-old. Of course he's 33 going on 50, but that's besides the point. As a player I think it's easy to say that he will be an asset on the ice.

As for salary, well let's be reasonable. If he wasn't so injury prone, he'd be in the $5-7M range, but that's a big IF. Since he is injury prone I would say a $3-5M deal seems pretty fair. What the Avs need is:

♦a big physical Defensman who is a little better than Ken Klee and Jeff Finger. They have 7 signed D-men so I don't know how they will get this, but they have the money for it, if not the roster space.

♦An experienced Checker. Not sure who to go after, but someone in the Stephan Yelle mold would be nice.

♦ A playmaking Forward. Forsberg definantly falls in here.

Personally I think the best fit for the Avs would be Scott Gomez, he's a good 2-way center that can score. Yet he won't be relied on to be the top scorere on a team featuring Hejduk, Stasny, Brunette and Sakic. Forsberg would be my second choice, as long as the Avs protect themselves in case of injury.

My final conclusion: Offer Peter a 2-year $8M contract, with $5M next season and $3M the following season. This protects our Free Agency money for the '08 summer when we will need cap room for players like Brunette, Sakic again, Clark, LaPerriere and Liles.


  1. I would like to see Foppa in an Avs jersey again...I like him better in that than the Preds jersey.

  2. To be fair, those Preds jersey's are U-G-L-Y

  3. You're not kidding...and I have to see them 8 times a year.

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  6. The D-man issue is simple: trade Ken Klee and Jeff Finger. Or Ken Klee and Karlis Skrastins. Or Ken Klee and Vaaaanaaaanen. You get the idea.

    Trade a couple of our decent but ineffective d-men for a big, monster d-man and then sign another free agent blueliner and there you go. Man, I really should be GM!

  7. Well true, I wouldn't trade Klee and Finger. Maybe Klee and Vaananan. I would trade Skratch though, aqnd use his salary to sign a big D-man. Problem is finding someone to trade with