Arnson re-signs

Arnason Re-signs with the Avs.

Kinda suprised, but not disapointed. If you remember my OEI stats Arnason finished 5th on the team behind Sakic, Statsny, Bruno and Hejduk. So This is a good thing, and Arnason is a pretty good 3rd line center and teams well with Guite on the PK.


  1. You should write it as "Arnason re-signs". "Arnason resigns" looks like he quit the team. Just sayin'.

    Has your recent site traffic explosion slowed down at all? Mine hasn't. We seem to have become very popular as of late.

  2. "teams well with Guite on the PK."

    I, um, think you might be confusing Arnason with someone else. :)

  3. Arnason wasn't a good signing, I think -- you have more talented forwards and no one has seen the level of play since his rookie Chicago years....


  4. You're probably right DD. My head hasn't really been in it this week, but I do think Arnason played pretty well this season.