63 years ago today was D-Day. I've been to Normandy 2ce, and I can honestly say there isn't a more humbling place on Earth than the American Graveyard at Normandy. There's nothing more haunting than walking through an old abandoned German bunker.

Many of the vets who were part of this day are starting to fade, but let's not forget their accomplishment. This was the beginning of the end for the European front, many american and Canadian young men lost their lives, and we reap the benfits of their sacrifices today.

Most people alive today aren't able to remember the threat that really threatened not only the countries in Europe, but the entire world. We were born well after the World War. By most accounts Hitler's armies are the biggest evil the world has ever known, and thanks to the brave men who were fighting on an obscure beach in France 63 years ago (not to mention those in the Pacific, Africa and the Russians fighting along the Eastern Front.) we, hopefully, know that evil.

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