5 Q's: Dallas Stars

Another 5 questions session (and the last one before Free Agency). This one is with creator of Andrew's Stars Page. He was gracious enough to take time out to answer some Dallas Star's questions with me before the FA period begins.

1) Ladislav Nagy was the Stars big trade deadline acquisition last season.. He seemed to be pretty good with the Stars. I'm surprised they haven't resigned him yet.. Is he in their plans?

No, I don't believe the Stars have any plans to bring back Nagy. He was pretty much a bust for the Stars. They gave up a first round pick for him and his contributions didn't justify it. GM Doug Armstrong is even rethinking the value of a deal like that in the future as a result.

2) Dallas has 2 defensive free agents, Darryl Sydor and Jon Klemm. Are they going to resign them? Do you think they should resign them?

I think they had an interest in possibly bringing back Sydor, but he is going to hit the free agent market. So will Klemm. The Stars have six defensemen under contract in Sergei Zubov, Mattias Norstrom, Philippe Boucher, Stephane Robidas, Trevor Daley and Nolan Baumgartner. Niklas Grossman, a very good prospect, is also expected to play in the NHL next season. The Stars might need to bolster the defense with a move, but I don't think bringing back Sydor or Klemm is the answer. I would probably let them go.

3) Eric Lindros is, to say the least, and enigmatic player. I am biased against Lindros, so I can't make a fair evaluation on him. Did he do much for the Stars? Or was he a waste of ice-space?

Eric had some good moments for the Stars, but he was slowed by injuries. What's new, right? He provided a little spark in the playoffs. They brought him in in at $1.55 million plus some bonus incentives. He didn't earn most of the incentives, so he wasn't a big bust as far as the cap goes. Overall, in my opinion, it was a gamble that didn't pay big dividends and didn't really hurt. Call it a wash.

4) The 4 guys listed above are really Dallas' only free agents. Will resigning them give Dallas enough cap space to sign another quality free agent? What type of player would Dallas be in the market for?

Matthew Barnaby and Patrik Stefan are also on the free agent list. The Stars will have some cap room, but probably not enough to land one of the high priced players like Drury, Briere or Gomez. In order to get one of those guys they would have to move a key player off the roster. I don't think they need a splashy move and I am not sure they will make one. The Stars could use someone who can add to their goal scoring and maybe bring some size to the lineup. That's the way I'd go.

5) Dallas faces tough competition in the Pacific with Anaheim and San Jose. They won't have a lot of player movement this offseason, so is the status quo, along with maybe a couple tweaks, enough to get the Stars jumping the Sharks or Ducks in the standings?

Dallas lost almost 300 man-game to injuries last season and still almost won the division. Even with just tweaks they should still be competitive with the Ducks and Sharks and within the Western Conference. Will they win the Pacific? I don't know. Too early to tell. But I think they will be competitive with Anaheim and San Jose. They play a strong defensive game and have good goaltending. That will keep them in the mix. If they get some more offense (fewer key injuries would help) they'll be that much better.

Analysis: Darryl Sydor may be on the back of the Avs minds, but he's another puck moving defenseman, and the Avs have a bigger need for a good physical defenseman. Nagy is an interesting option, but really shouldn't be the Avs first priority. Overall I don't see the Stars really affecting the Avs Free Agency period too much.

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  1. Another quality analysis and some good Q and A. I agree, I don't see a ton of impact from the Stars when it comes to the Avs free agency.